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  1. Sargent28

    Great Snowy Mountain Drive in OB

    Had a nice 400 mile drive in backroads and mountain it up to 101 mph haha.
  2. Sargent28

    Texas Outer Banks wheels and BN tires for sale.

    Hey BobbyL, what did you decide to go with? I have the exact same OB and color as you and had planned to get the Toyos, just wanted to make sure there wasnt a reason that you decided to go another way.
  3. Sargent28

    Insurance premium quotes?

    Lol my other vehicle is a classic 67 Mustang so mine went down on my OB
  4. Sargent28

    Price negotiating with dealer??

    Got my pass points in 48 hours
  5. Sargent28

    Factory PIN for Keyless Entry

    It is a small laminated white card the size of a credit card. It was given to me by my dealer not in the manual.
  6. Sargent28

    Bronco Sport custom job: body colored grille + vents and 2" lift

    Haha nope, mine is an Area 51 OB+OB. I'm down in Rochester.
  7. Sargent28

    Unable to order a Badlands with Badlands package currently

    This is crazy to me. I ordered my Area 51 Navy pier OB+OB on October 30 and picked it up yesterday...I dont understand why earluer orders weren't fulfilled before mine.
  8. Sargent28

    Ford offering 0% APR financing on 2021 Bronco Sport

    The Navy pier interior is beautiful. The entire reason that I didn't go badlands was that I HATE the brown leather. I was starting to doubt my choice and considered waiting for a badlands for all the offroad upgrades but after seeing this interior I have no regrets.
  9. Sargent28

    Ford offering 0% APR financing on 2021 Bronco Sport

    Financed and picked up my OB with OB package today and got it below msrp and the rebate.
  10. Sargent28

    Palsapp question

    Anyone who got their BS, my pals app updated finally and says Dispatched on Jan 7...does this mean its finally on a truck?
  11. Sargent28

    Insurance premium quotes?

    Can confirm USAA has it in theirs.
  12. Sargent28

    Tow Hitch Dealer Install?

    I guess itshard to tell whether the rear bumper on ones without the hitch need to be replaced or if there's an insert or something to remove. Hard to know without seeing in person.
  13. Sargent28

    Tow Hitch Dealer Install?

    Yeah I have installed them too, just don't want to deal with the bumper cutout and all that. I plan on just buying a fullsize anyway.
  14. Sargent28

    Tow Hitch Dealer Install?

    Hmm, I would have thought the dealer would be the preferred POC just because it looks like the rear bumper needs to be changed out.
  15. Sargent28

    Tow Hitch Dealer Install?

    So, my OB is (allegedly) on the way here. Realized that somehow I forgot to add the tow package which is a huge disappointment. I see that there is a class 2 hitch on the accessories page so is it safe to assume that the BS that don't hae a tow package a hitch and harness can be installed by the...