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  1. Osco

    New Bronco Sport Owners Break In Period

    Changing out the first oil load early is no longer needed as oil, filters and engine internals, (materials, CNC, fit/tolerances) have advanced so much. I'll change it when my oil life indicator tells me to. But you can bet I'll keep a close watch incase that system fails.
  2. Osco

    EVAP Leak

    I noticed how few problems are showing up with this brand new model. I am Impressed to say the least. I really wouldn't worry about parts like that. If need be it will get shipped from the factory, I'd guess dealer ETA would be 72 hours.
  3. Osco

    I'm in! Keeping it simple, started with a BASE. Viewer discretion is advised.

    Yep me to. I also have a 'Base' In Shadow Black. I'm on the lookout for Black Steel wheels but In no hurry.
  4. Osco

    What does Ford do with all the pre-Production models?

    No No peoples, Those pre-prod models get a Crash Test Dummy strapped Into them. Then get tossed into a brick wall, :P
  5. Osco

    Carpet Protection Is a Must for me

    I think,,, Points are only redeemed through the Service Department. I don't concern myself with crossing the T's and dotting the I's. That's Ford's Business not mine.
  6. Osco

    Carpet Protection Is a Must for me

    Oh yeah kinda the same here, I ordered the parts at parts, a few days later, parts gave me the parts AFTER I went to service and they wrote up a ticket. Me, parts, and service reminded me of, 'Curly, Larry and Moe' :P But hey I don't really care,
  7. Osco

    Carpet Protection Is a Must for me

    Ok you guys are having very weird Interactions with your dealers. I ordered about $500 In parts and labor (Install of the mud flaps was Fitty bucks) They handed me the floor mats and cargo deck mat two or three days later when It all came in. I threw It all In the Bronc except for the Mud...
  8. Osco

    Dealer mistakenly sells man a Bronco Sport display model then demands its return

    The smell test Roflmao,, I resemble that remark~~~
  9. Osco

    Interior door panel easily scratches

    My dog scratched my Bronc! It's Ford's fault ! LoL Every car I've ever had got dog scratched. I'm a dog person. Getting past the first scratch is a good thing. Now you can get it dirty and drive it like that all month. Had mine exactly a month. 900 miles, I've washed it once. Online I saw these...
  10. Osco

    Dealer mistakenly sells man a Bronco Sport display model then demands its return

    Anyone consider this Incident was discussed at a board meeting where it was decided it would be great for publicity, you know generate some news. Make people think about grabbing one with more urgency? Sounds like a sales tactic, I cry Bull Hockey...
  11. Osco

    Carpet Protection Is a Must for me

    All I know Is my base came with carpet and carpeted floor mats. That's why I added rubber
  12. Osco

    Approaching 1,000 miles. My thoughts on this Baby Bronc

    Yes but It's only that one spot that causes me a prob. so not worth the expense. I just sit up forward and go really slow, plus If I remember to stay far left I can look out the passenger side window.
  13. Osco

    Approaching 1,000 miles. My thoughts on this Baby Bronc

    I don't know much But My sales man said not to use sand mode on gravel. He said sand was for deep stuff the tires sink Into. Owners manual verified this. Slippery mode does make a difference for me when things are wet and my Georgia clay comes through the gravel in the corners. Those spots are...
  14. Osco

    Approaching 1,000 miles. My thoughts on this Baby Bronc

    My thoughts on this Baby Bronc: ( Base model In Shadow Black) 928 miles in my first month of ownership, that's about average each month with no road trips. My 1.5L has broken In a bit or the computer has learned how to please me, not sure, A.I. is like that. 1st: The Auto stop/start I decided...
  15. Osco

    Shame on them for price gouging

    That's Canada, I had a Liquor store for years, when the Canadian's were heading home for the season they'd stop in and buy cases and cases of cheap Canadian whiskey, Segram's 7 and such. Then I'd watch them get a funnel out and poor the booze into their RV's water tank. 10, 20, 40 gallons. And...
  16. Osco

    B&O Sound System Review?

    The B&O sounds just fine, reminds me of the 'Shaker' my 2010 Mustang had. I see/hear no reason to upgrade anything.
  17. Osco

    Speaker locations: B&O and Regular speaker positions.

    Does anybody just buy a vehicle off the lot after they have some color and package options on the lot and drive and enjoy it stock ?
  18. Osco

    Aftermarket Speaker Upgrades?

    I think the stock sound system will serve me well considering that I'm at that point In my life where I tend to turn down the stereo to see better :D