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  1. Dave B

    Heating strips in windshield to keep the camera clear

    I started up the BS tonight, since my wife’s been working from home, it’s not really going anywhere. Anyways, after a couple minutes, the windshield had a section where it meted the snow. It must have some heating strips to keep the camera clear. Just something new, compared to any of our other...
  2. Dave B

    SS-tunning carbon aftermarket steering wheel for Bronco Sport

    The stock leather Escape wheel is $388. once they make the parts list availabl, it’ll probably be a popular swap, considering how many people are complaining about them.
  3. Dave B

    Carpet Protection Is a Must for me

    I ordered mine today, $200 Canadian from my Ford dealer.
  4. Dave B

    Carpet Protection Is a Must for me

    I like the look of those, I guess I’ll send my dealer a email, and get some on order. I was really trying not to buy any car parts in January. :)
  5. Dave B

    Bronco Sport Quality in Real Life

    The quality is definitely consistent, and definitely painted.
  6. Dave B

    Idling not allowed! Lol

    On the settings screen, there is a line that says “max idle time” or something along that line, I’ve turned it off.
  7. Dave B

    Any other Canadians?

    We ordered ours 9/29, and it arrived in Ontario, December 18.
  8. Dave B

    Perimeter Alarm questions

    On the window sticker is says our Bronco Sport is equipped with a “Perimeter Alarm”, and I know when I lock my F150, a red light flashes on the dash. From what I read in the owners manual there should be one on the BS, but I’ve yet to see it. I just stood out there for a few minutes, and...
  9. Dave B

    Bronco Sport Quality in Real Life

    We’ve had our Outer Banks since just before Christmas. I’m happy with the build quality, seems to be nicer than our previous Escape. I couldn’t be happier, I’m glad we ordered what we did, the seats are nice, and the heater leather steering wheel is amazing.
  10. Dave B

    "Accessory Ready" label on windshield?

    It means you can buy all kinds of accessories to bolt to the roof racks.
  11. Dave B

    New Bronco Sport Owners Break In Period

    There’s a break in period?
  12. Dave B

    Paint already chipped down to metal

    Having owned numerous new trucks of all makes, I’ve seen lots of stone chips. I had a 2014 Mustang GT, I swear every time I took it out, I’d get a rock chip, my 2010 F150 had a lug nut bounce off the door, and didn’t chip. It’s the luck of the draw. I don’t think that once the dealer sends a...
  13. Dave B

    Aftermarket steel wheels for Bronco Sport

    Wow, Canadian Tire is cheaper than my dealer, for the wheels. I’ll have to have a look. Thanks for the post! I just need to sell the set of snows left over from our 2019 Escape, and I’ll probably order some of these.
  14. Dave B

    Just got my Bronco Sport “Big Bend”!

    Looks awesome! I like the wheels! It’s interesting to see what tires come on different models. Our OB has Michelin tires.
  15. Dave B

    Thinking of changing trim

    The entire floor covering is rubber, it’s just not appealing to me.
  16. Dave B

    A long wait to end in disappointment (Today I saw the Bronco Sport I ordered)

    Im sure they’ll sell it to someone else. Interesting how people talk themselves out of something.
  17. Dave B

    Thinking of changing trim

    Im glad I didn’t order a Bad Lands, the lack of a carpet would drive me nuts. I spent years driving service vans with rubber floor mats. I put our OB in sport mode today, it’s more than quick enough.
  18. Dave B

    First edition 17” inch black ebony wheels

    Any powder coating shop can change the color of wheels. The problem is, sometimes Ford charges a core charge on some wheels, it just adds to the cost.
  19. Dave B

    OFFICIAL OXFORD WHITE Bronco Sport Thread

    Took ours for a drive to the lake, yesterday.
  20. Dave B

    Any lawyers here? Ford just screwed me w/ my Bronco Sport

    Ford sets the rules, sounds like the dealer screwed up. When they placed the order, it should have been a ”retail” order, not ”stock” Ours was the first Bronco Sport delivered to our dealer, with no issues. Even when I did a vin search, on this site it came up with my name on the order.