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  1. Apple CarPlay - "Download Has Failed" message

    Gotcha. I'm an Android guy so I know there are tech differences, but I'm trying to keep an eye on any issues those here who already have Sports are experiencing while I make my decision.
  2. Apple CarPlay - "Download Has Failed" message

    Did you figure out what specifically caused that issue?
  3. Official ALTO BLUE Bronco Sport Thread

    That's a nice looking ride! That's the color I'm going with if I jump from the big Bronco for the Sport!
  4. On-Road vs Off-Road Crossbars?

    Correct - up until 1/12/21 I was able to see on the Sport a number of Yakima options, including off-road cross bars - I even have a PDF of that - and such things as the Sportz Tent.
  5. Bronco Sport on Rough Country 1.5" Lift Kit + 245/65/17 AT Tires + 17x8 Wheels

    I'm definitely keeping an eye on this thread for the future - if I end up with a Sport Badlands I may look to such mods down the line!
  6. On-Road vs Off-Road Crossbars?

    Ahh, interesting - appreciate that. Not sure why all of the Yakima accessories suddenly disappeared from the B&P, but as I know from the big Bronco B&P, hard to rely upon that!
  7. On-Road vs Off-Road Crossbars?

    Interestingly, the Yakima off-road version has disappeared on the B&P... unfortunately. It was still there as of yesterday (1/11/21).
  8. Selling Like Hot Cakes !

    Were the ones you installed yourself ordered through Ford, but not the ones on the B&P?
  9. Bronco Sport Quality in Real Life

    Thx - appreciate that! I'm considering adding the Badlands Package if I go the Sport route, so that would take care of the steering wheel thing. LOL Test drove a BL/BL this past weekend and it was definitely a nice ride. The storage behind the back seats was smaller than I thought when seeing it...
  10. Bronco Sport Quality in Real Life

    Since a number of folks here are now actually driving their own Sports, what has your general impression been in terms of design and manufacturing quality? Any particular issues come up so far?
  11. On-Road vs Off-Road Crossbars?

    Count me in as also wanting to know the differences!
  12. Price negotiating with dealer??

    Yeah, if I buy a Sport, it'll be off the lot and I do have X Plan in my back pocket.
  13. Interior Fuse Block Access.

    So you're saying it wasn't as easy as the big Bronco with the aux switches? LOL (/s)
  14. Unable to order a Badlands with Badlands package currently

    Looks like it's just missing the fake steelies and the cargo management system! LOL
  15. Official ALTO BLUE Bronco Sport Thread

    Love that color! I'm in the process of deciding whether to go Sport or big Bronco, but if I go Sport I'm searching high and low for an Alto Blue BL/BL! Enjoy your new ride!
  16. Problems placing Bronco Sport order starting 12/22?

    I've been doing the BL/BL Alto Blue search and that may be even more difficult! LOL
  17. Ford offering 0% APR financing on 2021 Bronco Sport

    Congrats! Will look forward to hearing how ya like driving that!
  18. Ford offering 0% APR financing on 2021 Bronco Sport

    True re the subjectivity of value. Since it'll be primarily a daily driver for me, that decreases the value of the big Bronco's off-road chops for me. And the big Bronco B&P (even adjusting for it's issues) DEFINITELY got salty quickly for me too. I haven't bailed on my 10/31 Granger...
  19. Ford offering 0% APR financing on 2021 Bronco Sport

    See, I'm starting to feel that way too...and also think that has prices will eventually increase, making the big Bronco even more expensive to own. Definitely have started re-analyzing the value aspects.