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  1. Solved - 42 Inch Crate Fits. Big Dog Owners Rejoice!

    Yay Awesome! I do dog transport. I was so disappointed when I found out my Subaru would not take a 42 inch crate.
  2. Order or Wait for Dealer Inventory?

    The only money I have in my order is the original $100 reserve with Ford. It's refundable. I'd make sure to check with your dealer. My OB is due in soon.
  3. Order or Wait for Dealer Inventory?

    Why not both? My dealer told me at the time I ordered, I could back out at anytime. Make sure your dealer does the same, then put in an order. And keep checking inventory.
  4. So any tracking info?

    Congratulations to everyone finally getting their Sport! These posts are giving me hope. 🙂
  5. Roof basket vs. Roof box

    We've never used any special totes. I personally prefer using the bungee netting to strap everything down. We do have to watch placement of the bungee when using our Forester. The exhaust burned through the bungee. Never happened on the Wrangler or the escape. A Sport is replacing the Forester.
  6. Roof basket vs. Roof box

    We use a hitch carrier with totes. I believe it's a more flexible setup. Without the totes we can strap trash to the carrier for a trip to the dump. And totes are easier to store. We hang the carrier on a wall when not in use. For those with the room, we bought a small pull behind trailer...
  7. So any tracking info?

    Join the club. Sigh... Mine was supposedly built 12/14 and shipped. Was to be here this week. Date changed to first week in February. If it was built, it shouldn't be a parts issue. So is there a quality issue out there? My dealer just says it's odd and he will check on it.
  8. Production delays??

    But what about those of us who were told our Sports were built and were shipped? It's confusing.
  9. So any tracking info?

    I just emailed my dealer asking what gives? I was told weeks ago mine was on a train in Virginia and should be here in a week. Like you, I see plenty of similar build dates being delivered. I don't mind being patient, but I mistakenly thought everyone who ordered early would be at the top of...
  10. December 2020 Build Date Issues

    Similar here. OB/OB, Area 51, ebony roast interior. Ordered 8/4 Built 12/11 Email to tell me was shipped 12/12 Eta 1/7-1/14 Dealer called to tell me it was on a train in Virginia 12/28 Email to tell me deliver date changed to 2/3-2/9 🤷‍♀️
  11. Production delays??

    I never truly expected it to be on time. Just hoped. My dealer said usually 3 days before or after the eta. At this rate, maybe it will miss a muddy Virginia winter.
  12. Production delays??

    Just got this from Ford. I was expecting delivery this week. I was told it was built. And yes, it has the OB package. Sigh..... To ensure your complete satisfaction, we will require additional time before your 2021 Bronco™ Sport SUV Outer Banks is delivered to Front Royal Ford. Your...
  13. Has anyone had their vehicle delivered to the dealer this week?

    I'm thinking it might be time to drive by my dealership. They called last week to tell me my OB should be in this week. Ford has an eta of 1/14. This morning I get an email from the same sales person that called, asking me if they could answer any questions about the Sport I inquired about...
  14. New Member/Owner Review Area 51 First Edition

    Oooo. My sport has a delivery date of 1/14. I'm in northern Virginia. I was hoping for a call this week! 🤞
  15. Towing capacity

    Thank you. My husband and I are now having a suspension discussion. Headed to a rabbit hole....
  16. Towing capacity

    So the towing capacity, or lack of, has surfaced again. Can someone explain to me why the 2020 Escape can be set up to tow 3500 lbs, but the Sport can't? The Sport is based on the Escape, so what is the big difference? What am I missing? The 2000 lb towing in the Sport isn't a deal breaker...
  17. What do you do for a living? What will you use the BS for?

    Lots of options out there. They do get pricey.
  18. So any tracking info?

    Ford email said my OB delivery date is 1/14. I just got a call from my dealership. They told me my OB is on a train in Virginia. They expect it in about a week.
  19. Canceling an Order

    I asked my dealer what the penalty would be if the OB BS I ordered came in and I decided I did not want it. He said none. He also said he didn't think he would have trouble selling it to another person. If I were on the fence and didn't need a new vehicle, I'd wait for the FE and make my...