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  1. Tiger80

    Bronco Sport Color Lettering On Rear

    I'm ordering the black lettering when my BL order comes in... the white on white's gotta go.
  2. Tiger80

    Aftermarket steel wheels for Bronco Sport

    I agree with you... I'm trying to figure out the most cost effective way to bounce my white door handles when I get my order.
  3. Tiger80

    Got build date...

    Damn... that's fast turn around. My dealer gave me a boiler plate 8-12 weeks out...
  4. Tiger80

    console and back seat vault options

    I ordered a Badlands, and I thought I came across a center console vault option when I was initially researching/building. Apparently it shows as an option on the other trims, but not under the Badlands builder. However, I just happened to see this under seat OEM vault when doing a web search...
  5. Tiger80

    OFFICIAL OXFORD WHITE Bronco Sport Thread

    I prefer black door handles myself... are you going to buy the black ones, and swap them out? Relatively easy job I guess.
  6. Tiger80

    My first in-person impressions of Bronco Sport Badlands

    I guess there wouldn't be anything stopping one from ordering the black badging part, and installing themselves. I just think it would look a lot better than resorting to Plastidip...
  7. Tiger80

    My first in-person impressions of Bronco Sport Badlands

    It looks like the white Badlands is the only version without contrasting Bronco Sport badging on the back... does anyone know if there's a way to order it with black badging? I'd rather not resort to Plastidipping this when I get it...