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  1. Waiting room

    I know mine is on the way and there’s nothing I can do about speeding up the transit. That said, I’d love to know where she is and if there’s a better than 50% chance she gets here before I leave town for a week. First world problems, sure, but that’s where I live. Then again, if I could track...
  2. Waiting room

    Festivus ... lolol Do mine next
  3. bull bar without cutting?

    I agree with this. That said, I'm not leasing mine and I'd like an answer to this question. I like the look, but the idea of someone cutting the bumper and (possibly) messing something up scares me.
  4. Waiting room

    Any chance you can offer a solution for people, like me, who would like to track their vehicle in transit? It would be helpful.
  5. Tracking a Bronco Sport that is “in transit” to a dealership??

    This tracker is better, imho, than the official Ford one. Got a window sticker, invoice date, and in production notice sooner on it. Neither shows anything since being marked "in transit". I've emailed the sales guy I'm working with and he said he'd look into it.
  6. Tracking a Bronco Sport that is “in transit” to a dealership??

    I can't speak for anyone else, but this is all I get with that.
  7. Possible to get square shaped fenders like this?

    Is this what you have? $80 for all 4 fenders seems very reasonable to me. Mud flaps would be $100, the bigger fender flares well over $300. This seems to be a nice compromise for both.
  8. Poll: How much did you pay for your Bronco Sport?

    I paid MSRP. Since then, the price has gone up, so I guess one could technically argue I paid under MSRP, but in my mind I paid full freight. Refused to pay any of the dealer markups and had to go with a dealer an hour+ away. Well worth it to me.
  9. Bronco Apple Watch Faces

    Or an Outer Banks, please?
  10. Track Your Bronco Sport Order by VIN #

    I need a way to track by rail. Ok, NEED is maybe overstating it, but I'd really like a way to do so. As others have said before, I know what time David took my pizza order, what time Danielle put it in the oven, and exactly where Louis is as he drives it to my house and that pizza didn't cost...
  11. What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    They're close enough to handle things like that, but I'm not interested in driving an hour to get my oil changed and an hour home. My guy is 5 minutes away. I'll drive down to the dealer for anything factory-related. Also need to ask my salesguy (who has been fantastic so far) if I can get...
  12. What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    With my Outer Banks finally in transit (still need a way to track the rail shipment), I'm thinking about what I want to do right away. One of the first things will be floor mats - any recommendations on the Ford mats vs WeatherTech? From what I understand, the only real benefit of the WT is...
  13. Forscan spread sheet

    Exactly, so what would be the point?
  14. Waiting room

    If it's any comfort, mine is now in transit to me - still awaiting a blend/build date LOL
  15. Forscan spread sheet

    I understand the basics of Forscan - being able to go into the computer and change certain settings like the auto stop/start feature. I'd love to see a complete list of what can be added/changed/omitted but I don't even have mine yet so I'm not terribly worried LOL Two questions I do have...
  16. Waiting room

    I'm rooting for you.
  17. Waiting room

    I was joking LOL ... I wish it was only a three day transit. I did not realize, however, we can track the rail cars. I'd love a link if anyone has one.
  18. Waiting room

    Ok, now I've received a "your Bronco Sport has shipped email". Things are moving along nicely, finally. Based on this map, I guess I should expect a call from the dealer in a couple of days LOL
  19. Waiting room

    The ONLY one I could find locally was a base model. I test drove it and was pleased, especially knowing I'd be ordering the Outer Banks model. Anxious to see the difference when mine comes in, but it's been so long I won't really be able to compare it : )
  20. Waiting room

    Shipping to NC ... build date was yesterday.