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  1. WildFord

    Useable crossbar space

    I was wondering for those who already installed any brand's crossbar system...Yakima...Thule..Rhino..or the factory, what is the usable crossbar space dimension?? The reason I asked is this...tried to mount my Thule cargo box (a pretty old one) on top of my 530e with BMW crossbar for the first...
  2. WildFord

    Cyber Orange with Gray Roof??

    Since I'm still waiting to be scheduled for a built I'm thinking about my color choice. Maybe I can make some adjustment. I've seen a cyber orange with standard black roof. I never seen one, in person, cyber orange with gray roof. I just saw a Mach E with cyber orange on the...
  3. WildFord

    Granger Ford order?

    anybody in California ordered from Granger Ford? 6% below invoice is a insane deal as far I can search. I'd like to buy a well equipped Badlands. it is a bit hard to find. One dealer near me told me $1k over MSRP to order. I'm kind of......well, I know the market is not good for the buyers...