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  1. Production date for Bronco Sport Badlands delayed

    Yes, BL in cyber orange with premium package, moonroof, and 360+.
  2. Production date for Bronco Sport Badlands delayed

    Yes, only this is the second time I've been rescheduled. I went from May 30 to June 6 and now June 13.
  3. Are there any improvements on the 22's vs the 21's, or just downgrades?

    Ah, mine opener is a big bulky one that only works if I'm right in front of the garage. The real reason I decided to buy another was because the trade in value was so high so I'm not losing any money and I decided I REALLY wanted cyber orange. I have Area 51 now which is great but just not that...
  4. What Ford Sees as Bronco Sport's Competition

    My Crosstrek was slow as hell compared to my Badlands. My husband just bought a Wilderness Outback with the turbo and he said it's really fast. But I don't like that he can't lock the 4wd like I can. I didn't like that about my Crosstrek either. It made me nervous in bad snow letting the car...
  5. Waiting room

    Mine was pushed from the week of May 30th to June 6th just a few minutes ago. And I was so excited I had finally reached the month of production 😭
  6. Are there any improvements on the 22's vs the 21's, or just downgrades?

    I'm going from a 21 to a 22 and I'm excited to have a built in garage button like the 21 should've had all along 🤷‍♀️.
  7. Noise while reversing

    My dealer said the sound was not normal and replaced the pads and rotors. A few thousand miles later sounds came back. So even if you fix it, it might not matter. It's embarrassing to be honest.
  8. Rattle noise on acceleration and deceleration video

    Mine makes a similar sound. It's a 21 BL. I've never had them check it because it's so quiet that I'm 100% certain they will say they don't hear anything.
  9. Waiting room

    Like others posters have said today, I just received an email saying I'm scheduled for production 5/30. Badlands ordered 12/27, confirmed 12/28 Cyber orange Moonroof Premium package 360+
  10. 2022 Badlands Order / Communications from Ford

    I got this email last night too. I ordered on 12/27. BL with moonroof, 360+, and premium. I hope they aren't trying to prepare us to accept a vehicle with missing features because I'm not accepting that.
  11. Buzzing from driver side door while speakers in use

    I just wanted to share that my car was at the dealer again for the stupid squeaky ass brakes and I had them check the doors for the rattle. The tech said he could hear it so he opened up both doors and supposedly tightened loose wires or something. They still rattle just in a different spot now...
  12. Audio Cuts out for Split Second while listening to music

    This used to happen ALL. THE. TIME. when I first got mine. I have a 21 Badlands with the premium Soundsystem (which isn't all that great in my opinion). I think about the 6 month mark or so it greatly reduced in frequency. I'm not sure exactly what changed. There have been a couple upgrades to...
  13. 2022 Badlands Order / Communications from Ford

    Placed my order for mine on 12/27. Only email I received was the order confirmation the next day. There is someone in the subreddit that placed their BL order this month and already got a production date.
  14. Buzzing from driver side door while speakers in use

    If you figure it out please let me know! I've considered taking it to an audio place or Ford, but I've already ordered a 2022 so it's probably not worth the trouble. There is a YouTube video on how to take the door panels off, but I'd be too scared myself.
  15. Brakes on new 22 Badlands

    Same. I think it started around 10k. Had the pads and rotors replaced by Ford. It fixed it, sort of. I have recently heard the noise again but not as bad. Does Ford just use some crappy ass brake parts or what?
  16. Anyone experiencing extra delay for delivery prep at dealership?

    I definitely don't want them to wash it. I don't want to risk swirl marks. That's a good idea. I know a good detailer that did a ceramic coating on my pillars on my current BS.
  17. Anyone experiencing extra delay for delivery prep at dealership?

    I'm really worried about this. I'm thinking I may ask them not to try and remove mine and I'll deal with it myself.
  18. Brake Squeal (in Reverse)

    With my car it was only after it was sitting a while.
  19. Still loving it

    They are still relatively rare where I am. I see maybe one a week. Or might see a couple in one week and then nothing the next week. Definitely makes them more fun!
  20. Brake Squeal (in Reverse)

    This is definitely an issue Ford has been tracking so the dealership should be able to see that other people have had this issue (I'm not exactly sure how that works but I know it exists). I have no idea if it's related to the recall, but if not it's AWFULLY coincidental. My dealer replaced my...