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  1. Tigger

    Ford Bronco Sport Hybrid Prototype Potentially Spotted Testing

    I’m for my Bronco Sport being a non-plug-in and getting 40+ mpg. I hope that hybrid comes to fruition in 2024; or at least orders starting in 2024.
  2. Tigger

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Would you recommend this lift over Rough Country? (and shouldn’t this one be more appropriately called rough country? 😜)
  3. Tigger

    Driving in wind (no good)

    I am not the type to disagree and I have really appreciated the OP on these forums but, and everyone knew a but was coming, I like the Sport in the wind. I drove a FX4 and a Mercedes SUV in the strong Illinois prairie crosswinds and this Bronco Sport does much better. Although, just like the...
  4. Tigger

    Trading in this BS for something new!! Any suggestions

    As a past Mazda owner, I’d listen when they suggest extended warranty. The repairs are expensive, in the range of my BMW, Mercedes, Porsches.
  5. Tigger

    Having possible regrets ordering Area51 color the more I look at Velocity Blue... I think not sure!

    Let me help you with how to make Area 51 look boss. Enhance da bytch! 🥰
  6. Tigger

    Ford AWD / 4WD Explained: Bronco vs. Bronco Sport vs. Maverick

    Thank you Mark! I enjoyed the watch and as an Outer Banks owner, I have a better understanding of what I should and should not do. And I like that I made that choice for the kind of person I am. (translation: I would have tried some really stupid things beyond my capabilities)
  7. Tigger

    Hood shaking at speed - what Mitsubishi did

    I saw it too and here you go:
  8. Tigger

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Actually, I really like the way you did it. To me that is an all or nothing change and you did the “all” better than any other I have seen. Nice job!
  9. Tigger

    OEM Crossbars issue

    Yeah, that was a mean trick they played. The M1…-BA is for the 2022 Outer Banks whereas the M1…-AA is for the 2021 Outer Banks.
  10. Tigger

    Headliner color

    My wife got in our Sport tonight. I asked her what color the ceiling was. I then told her that there is a long thread griping about it being white. Her reply was that she does not like to be sexist but it must be all men because men are color blind and this is not white by any stretch of the...
  11. Tigger

    Removing factory floor mats, cargo mgmt. system, etc.?

    If they are selling at MSRP/sticker price, then these additions are not over the top expensive and all are options that are popularly chosen. Thus, I’d suggest none should stop you from buying and none will be beneficial to sell, but you will be happy. Buy it and avoid the wait! edit: also...
  12. Tigger

    Hello from Discount Tire!!!

    That is without certs I would assume. With certs and trade-ins, mine came to just over $900. I also mentioned I am active on this forum and that it is sponsored by Discount Tire, which helped.
  13. Tigger

    Hello from Discount Tire!!!

    I’m not sure why I did not think of this earlier but…. I wanted 5 tires so I could rotate them all across with the spare. But, I like the 18” outer bank wheels and only wanted new tires. However, others do not and are buying the tires and wheels. So, is someone in Central Illinois wanting to...
  14. Tigger

    Bronco accessories

    Here is a pic from a thread called added-a-few-new-upgrades-hood-scoop-fender-flares-more
  15. Tigger

    Added a few new upgrades... hood scoop, fender flares & more

    He has a Badlands so 2.0. The mileage is not effected by hood scoop (my observation and agreed on multiple threads) but some threads have said the bug guard has an effect of approx .5 to 1.5 mpg
  16. Tigger

    18” Outer Banks wheels

    Here’s a pic of my 22 OB. They look the same to me.
  17. Tigger

    Say Hello and Introduce Yourself! ?

    I’m an Illinois ‘22 Area 51 outer banks driver too. So obviously you made a good choice. 😉 If you find some fun places to take it in this flat state, be sure to post them!
  18. Tigger

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    I think you missed an “h” 🫣😳
  19. Tigger

    I am getting ready to order a new Bronco sport I need some advice on OB vs BL

    I like my OB and from your description, it seems to make better sense. On your commute, you can expect close to 30 in gas mileage.