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  1. thekingprawn

    VIN Guide

    I snagged this from another forum, but it seems useful for some nerdery.
  2. thekingprawn

    FE Wheels Now Available

    According to Ford Authority, the black FE wheels are now available to purchase from Ford's performance store. At $1200 that's a lot of scratch to pretend at being an FE. Maybe at some point they'll be available as an option on new builds.
  3. thekingprawn

    Basket vs Platform

    What are the pros and cons of each type of top carrier. As my BS will be the vehicle that takes my wife and me on camping trips, and we have dogs, I'll need added storage to get all the unnecessary crap equipment to the campsite. Is there an inherent advantage to one style over the other, or is...
  4. thekingprawn

    Know Your Own Product

    Really Ford?
  5. thekingprawn

    Order Submitted

    After hemming and hawing for a year I placed my order today for a Bandlands. Now the waiting begins sprinkled with a dash of paranoia that the dealer will try to pull something when it comes in. Has anyone experienced dealers going rogue upon delivery? My dealership has a general $2k over MSPR...