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  1. Dmbleist

    Waiting room

    No updates for me today
  2. Dmbleist

    Waiting room

    I JUST WANT MY CAR (and for everyone else to get theirs as well)!!!!!
  3. Dmbleist

    Waiting room

    I am 1192/1710 and 005994
  4. Dmbleist

    Waiting room

    What exactly (besides just the obvious) do these numbers describe? Like what is build sequence? And roll number? How do these impact wait time?
  5. Dmbleist

    Waiting room

    Yep, and invoiced 5/12
  6. Dmbleist

    Waiting room

    Keep us in the loop - I always watch out for those in my build week to get an idea of what’s happening!
  7. Dmbleist

    Waiting room

    No updates here - had a 5/16 build week…
  8. Dmbleist

    Waiting room

    Person I was talking to (@Dtech) and myself both ordered Badlands…not sure where you’re getting BB?
  9. Dmbleist

    Waiting room

    You ordered in April 2022? I ordered in January and didn’t get confirmation of my order for 3 months.
  10. Dmbleist

    Brake Squeal (in Reverse)

    Same thing is happening to my mom’s 2021 BSBB, she has taken it to local Ford deal twice and they even heard the noise (seems to only happen after it rains, and only one time…THE FIRST REVERSE IS THE LOUDEST **in Rod Stewart voice**) and can’t figure out how to fix it………no answers
  11. Dmbleist

    Waiting room

    Just got my sticker today.
  12. Dmbleist

    Cluster F*** (flaw)

    Not gonna lie, as someone already driving a BB, the larger screen in the instrument panel was one of my reasons for buying a BL
  13. Dmbleist

    Bronco Off-Roadeo Biased?

    Because those people paid for higher models, some of us knew of this incentive - which was another reason to buy the Badlands trim…
  14. Dmbleist

    Review from OFF-ROADEO Moab Bronco Sport 1st Class 5/6/22

    Couldn’t find any info on a specific “expiration date” but here is the website for more FAQs
  15. Dmbleist

    Questions about window sticker

    How long did it take for Ford Direct to generate a window sticker for you guys??
  16. Dmbleist

    Model Year 2022 Over? Never Seen This at

    Most dealers require an order fee or processing fee to hold the order (mine was $1000 non-refundable)
  17. Dmbleist

    Anyone else missing the panel under the dash above the passenger side fuse box where the floor air ducts are.

    AGREED. People were discussing in another thread how they removed the temperature digits from the adjustment knob on the ‘22 MY…some people said this was a welcomed change…I also drive a ‘21 MY BSBB and I kinda like seeing the digits on the knobs. The added tech makes me feel better about the...
  18. Dmbleist

    Order Submitted

    Ok, I’m using you guys as reference or to track my journey!! My order date was 1/29 - priority code is 10 - still nothing, no VIN, no update from dealer (I ask regularly), no update from Ford. Just waiting, PATIENTLY.
  19. Dmbleist

    Order Submitted

    Did you hear anything!?