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  1. Cactusjk

    BL Front Skid Plate Options

    Is the Rally Innovations skid the only front skid available? Not sure I want to remove it for oil changes and catch debris due to the opening at the front. Some skids have access for oil changes. The OEM skids are probably good for what I want to do but am still open for looking at the options.
  2. Cactusjk

    Any Diecast Models available?

    One of the things Toyota did when the FJ Cruiser was introduced in 2006 was to give owners a diecast model of their FJ. Would love to get a model of my Badlands Area 51 if one exists.
  3. Cactusjk

    OEM Hitch Install for 2022 Badlands

    I have read all the hitch threads and still have some questions. I only want the hitch and don’t need the wiring. I also hate the look of cut bumpers If done wrong. I am leaning towards getting a new bumper cover with the cutout already in it. Part# Bumper Assembly - Rear - Ford...
  4. Cactusjk

    Custom Build or Dealer Ordered?

    Torn between a BL that just came in and ordering exactly what I want. Dealer ordered does not have moonroof, tow package, 360 Assist Plus and the 235/ 17" Carbonized Gray-Painted Low Gloss Aluminum Wheel and cargo management system. Don’t get the $1000 ordering incentive. It is however about...
  5. Cactusjk

    Door Sill Plate Install?

    Has anyone installed the OEM sill plates? Do they come with intructions? Assume they just stick on.