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  1. Ponyrider

    I am getting ready to order a new Bronco sport I need some advice on OB vs BL

    What Bronco 307 said. I have been driving my OB for close to 18 months. I have never felt underpowered. You just need to try and shut out most of the noise on this forum about the 2.0. It can be deafening.
  2. Ponyrider

    Are there any improvements on the 22's vs the 21's, or just downgrades?

    Yup. I average 10 years between vehicles. Usually takes me the first 3 or 4 to learn all the new stuff. I've had my OB for 17 months. Just found out the other day about locking it with a touch of the door handle.
  3. Ponyrider

    Jeep rubber ducks, but with Broncos?
  4. Ponyrider

    FoMoCo Forum Rep Assistance.

    Mark S. You are very clear. I agree it would be helpful to see how many were helped , and how they were helped, by the Ford rep. My 2021 OB has been problem free. My dealership so far has been very good about service. But knowing whether the Ford rep can be helpful is good knowledge to have.
  5. Ponyrider


    "If the system detects that your driving pattern has become irregular, it gives you an audible and visual warning in your instrument cluster to help keep you alert." How irregular could your driving be in 4 minutes?? 😳
  6. Ponyrider

    Two Broncos killed (hit) with one stone (speeding 19 yr old)

    Exactly! I keep looking at the pictures wondering how did he do that? And what star does the white car live under??
  7. Ponyrider

    Reliability? Worried :(

    We have a Taxa Tiger Moth.
  8. Ponyrider

    Harbor Freight Aluminum Hitch Cargo Carrier

    I don't know what I would do without a hitch haul. They come in handy and take up next to no room in the garage when we aren't using them.
  9. Ponyrider

    Favorite Color poll

    Very early on, before they even took orders, I saw a rendering of a blue Sport with a black roof. I was in love. When the order banks opened up summer of 2020, I knew what color I was ordering. I admit, I considered Cactus Gray. Too light. And Kodiak Brown. Too dark. Area 51 was just right.
  10. Ponyrider

    Bronco Sport Accessories - Owleys
  11. Ponyrider

    Poll: Do you Do the "Bronco Wave?"

    I used to wave. No one waves back, so I gave up.
  12. Ponyrider

    Reliability? Worried :(

    Remember also, people almost never post how problem free their vehicle has been. We tend to post problems. My 2021 OB only has that intermittent brake squeal. She has otherwise been problem free and has done everything asked of her. I'm looking forward to towing our camper this summer.
  13. Ponyrider

    New 21 OB vs Used 21 BL, Decisions, decisions.

    It's in great condition, but did the dealer say why the previous owner gave it up?
  14. Ponyrider

    What's your other ride(s)?

    We travel with 2 dogs and a cat. 🙂
  15. Ponyrider

    What's your other ride(s)?

    Right after she got her new top. Mid life birthday present.
  16. Ponyrider

    Why did you order a Bronco Sport?

    Ah, the rust. I remember it well.
  17. Ponyrider

    Best Dash Cam?

    Congratulations! What a beautiful blue!! I've been back and forth about getting a dash camera, so I'll be following.
  18. Ponyrider

    Why did you order a Bronco Sport?

    Before the Sport came out, I started looking for an old Escape. Found a 2001 with 46,000 miles on it. If it hadn't been on Long Island NY, I might have gone for it. They were great suv's
  19. Ponyrider

    Bronco v. Bronco sport

    OMG! The stories I could tell about the original Maverick. We had one at work. Field work.....
  20. Ponyrider

    Im new to anything going on the roof -- help me.

    I got crossbars to carry a pack canoe. We used to carry stuff rooftop in a plastic clamshell carrier. The carrier was easy on and off, but a pain when we needed to retrieve something. These days, if we need extra cargo room, we just use a hitch haul.