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  1. SWUKU

    Having possible regrets ordering Area51 color the more I look at Velocity Blue... I think not sure!

    No Ragrets! ... for 15 months, people stop me and ask about my Area 51 and they love it! At gas stations, parking lots, home improvement centers, grocery stores, even at stop lights! Now, don't get me wrong, there are many great colors and "I'd like to say hello To the black, to the white, the...
  2. SWUKU

    when do I get oil changed

    Several existing threads on this topic. Here's one:
  3. SWUKU

    The Evolution of My Outer Banks

    Looks like you added a bug deflector too (2nd to last pic) Nice job! Love the wheels.
  4. SWUKU

    Wrapped Steering Wheel.

    Does the cover affect the performance of the heated steering wheel?
  5. SWUKU

    Greetings from The Bluegrass

    Agreed. I was in the 'ville recently and saw a dozen in one day.
  6. SWUKU

    Greetings from The Bluegrass

    Bought my BS FE in March '21 but didn't learn about forums til November. Greetings from the Bluegrass. Go Cards!
  7. SWUKU

    MOLLE Accessories Suggestions?

    There are some ideas in this previous thread that might help.
  8. SWUKU

    Part Number for First Edition Black Gloss 17" Wheel?

    I'm looking for one (1) BS FE wheel as well; to put on the full size spare. But I've only seen the sets of four. It'd be really cool if I got the hitch mounted spare.
  9. SWUKU

    Do you park beside other BS at the grocery store, mall etc. ? Or is it weird?

    Only once, at iHop. Well, and here. And, then, here, And here And here But never here
  10. SWUKU

    Any Diecast Models available?

    I also like the Lego Bronco. It reminds me of the Rebelle Rally winner at the Bronco OffRoadeo in TX.
  11. SWUKU

    Any Diecast Models available?

    I got these at Hobby Lobby 1:64 scale but not Area51. I may / may not try a touch-up pen.
  12. SWUKU

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    ... don't know about the phone clip, but I dig your taste in music
  13. SWUKU

    20% off Ford Accessories

    Your new hood is aluminum; protect it with this add-on. Part No: VM1PZ16C900B BRONCO SPORT 2021-2022 AEROSKIN II TEXTURED HOOD DEFLECTOR
  14. SWUKU

    New Button in FordPass

    Horn/Lights button magically appeared on my Ford Pass App today; no change to existing App ver # 4.13.0 BS FE 2021
  15. SWUKU

    Smittybilt RTT

    True. Love the moon roof.
  16. SWUKU

    Smittybilt RTT

    Have you used it yet? How many people? Estimated weight when occupied? We want one, but we're concerned about the load bearing limits with the sunroof on our same make/model.
  17. SWUKU

    Harbor Freight Aluminum Hitch Cargo Carrier

    How do you like your privacy curtain? Any pics? We're planning some weekend excursions and have been considering them.
  18. SWUKU

    Show Me Your Favorite Modification

    I like the turnbuckles! Never thought of using them before. Thanks!
  19. SWUKU

    Does this qualifying as an Exterior Mod?

    It only counts if you wear kids sizes 😆
  20. SWUKU

    FE Wheels Now Available

    I'm looking for 1-FE wheel for my full-size spare, if anyone wants to break-up a set.