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  1. when do I get oil changed

    I've heard you should change around 1500-2000 miles and then every 3000 miles after that. Reason being when a vehicle is new, metal gets worn off when you're still breaking in the vehicle, and that metal can cause long term damage if not removed early on.
  2. Bronco Sport “Overlander Edition”

    Very nice set up. What brand of inflatable mattress did you buy? I'm interested in getting one myself. Also how is it to sleep on?
  3. Low MPG?

    My badlands with the bigger engine than the outer banks started around the same, then settled to a high 23 mpg with about 25% highway driving and the rest city usually going no more than 35-40 mph, using the normal mode and only switching to eco mode when I have less than 100 miles left on the tank.
  4. BS Badlands with Hardshell RTT & Hitchgate Solo Tire Carrier

    From what I've completely blocks the view. Kind of a dealbreaker for me, but I would absolutely get one otherwise.
  5. Wrapped Steering Wheel.

    I test drove a non-wrapped big bend and man, that steering wheel felt like cheap crap. I had to go with the wrapped when I ordered the badlands. Coming from an Audi, I couldn't go to something that felt like a video game accessory.
  6. Fordpass disabled?

    Hasn't there been a lot of reports of people getting bad batteries? I remember someone saying they came back to their car and it was completely dead, wouldn't turn over at all, had to have it towed. Turned out it was the battery and they hadn't had the vehicle for very long.
  7. Premium package on the Badlands worth the price of admission?

    For me the B&O, heated and leather steering wheel, moon roof, and climate control all make it totally worth it. I don't really care about the leather seats, they look and feel great, but I just put seat covers on immediately after buying the vehicle.
  8. Anyone using an android auto wireless adapter ??

    I didn't want to wait for it to get back in stock so I ordered from Ebay. Probably paid twice as much as MSRP but eh...I'm just happy to have it.
  9. Anyone using an android auto wireless adapter ??

    I have a thread about this. I went through hell with my Galaxy S10 before I got one of those Motorola adapters. Eventually found out there was something wrong with my phone, bought a S20FE and have been using that with the adapter and have been super happy with it. You will not be disappointed...
  10. Intentionally locking the keys in the car

    You aren't kidding. That's become a big problem in my area and we used to see almost no break ins or car theft a decade ago. One of the best parts of the Bronco Sport though, the skid plates make it almost impossible for them to access the catalytic converter in a reasonable amount of time.
  11. Intentionally locking the keys in the car

    Eh, I don't really agree with you, and your experience is anecdotal and entirely dependent on where your live, etc. A thief is a thief, and if they broke in to steal your stuff and realize they can steal the car, you're basically just giving them that option. Not only that but if they do decide...
  12. More Supply Chain Woes—It's Not Just Ford

    Those of us who already have their Bronco's, be sure to hold them tight and tell them how much you appreciate them.
  13. Badlands ordered, Ford changing options.

    Wow, that really sucks. Although I guess those of us with '22 Badlands with the premium package just had another increase in resale value then.
  14. Are there any improvements on the 22's vs the 21's, or just downgrades?

    I set mine up like a week or two ago and I've been pretty disappointed by it. I basically have to be like 5 feet from my garage for it to work. My regular garage door opener works when I'm still in the road and haven't even pulled into the driveway. If you absolutely need the "clean" look...
  15. Dealer lets people test drive your new Bronco Sport…

    I drove off the lot with 8 miles on the odometer, I think anything over 20 would be suspicious.
  16. Two Broncos killed (hit) with one stone (speeding 19 yr old)

    Man, I feel bad for you. I would be so pissed off. Here in Idaho, they let you drive at like 15 years old (some bs law about farm kids needing to be legally qualified to drive tractors). My parents didn't let me get my license until I was 18 and I'm so glad they did that. I would have killed...
  17. Is 360+ worth the upgrade?

    It's the only thing I didn't add to my Badlands, and I have no regrets. I don't like control being taken away from me. If I did, I would have bought a Tesla. Just be aware though if you don't get it, then you have no built in nav. Doesn't matter much to me because I use Android Auto with Google...
  18. What is it?

    I'm surprised you're actually still able to drive without that flux capacitor installed.