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  1. Two Broncos killed (hit) with one stone (speeding 19 yr old)

    I really hope that you’re able to get his worked out. Considering the car market right now it makes me especially angry seeing things like this happen. It’s not like there are viable replacements or even parts available for all the repairs.
  2. Anyone running the new Nitto Nomad Grapplers yet?

    I checked that video and the Maverick is using Vredestein Pinza tires, not the Nomad grapplers.
  3. Anyone running the new Nitto Nomad Grapplers yet?

    I had them put on today in stock size 225/60/18. I wanted all-terrain tires and these are eligible for a $75 rebate or 30K ford pass points. I am pleased with them. Haven’t gone off road yet but the on road performance is as I expected.
  4. Thule Transporter Combi - hitch cargo carrier

    Used mine today for the first time on my ‘22 OB. It worked perfectly, no issues with the trailer mode or whatever, 33 MPG average from Ft Worth to Hot Springs. Used normal goat mode entire trip. Hardly noticed any difference with handling. Fits perfect in the draft and not even visible from...