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  1. RS1

    1 year ago today

    I picked up my off the lot Big Bend. Still watch the movie on start up and no complaints from me. It has performed well in snow, mud, rain, and averaging 29 mpg while driving like it’s stolen per the computer ( I’m not doing math). Now to touch up the couple of hood chips
  2. RS1

    Allstate commercial

    Just on. Guy has a car-centric house(sleeps in the bed {get it}of a vintage pickup) and goes outside to……. Yes,Bronco Sport.
  3. RS1

    “Fabric” wheel wells

    Holy crap. Who thought this crap would be a good idea. My work brings me to some sloggy, slimy, yucky, super thick muddy job sites. Even multiple trips through undercarriage wash doesn’t help. I’m afraid to crawl under and look at the “fabric” shelf and what it has collected. I guess I need a...
  4. RS1

    Still don’t see many

    Just drove to Florida from New England and back(in the explorer)and saw exactly one big bend Bronco sport in a parking lot in Florida and two Broncos, one on a truck and one on the road in PA. Both 4 door soft roof models. Where are they all?
  5. RS1

    Still loving it

    Still relatively obscure vehicles. The snooty exclusivity is still kind of cool. The stupid movie that comes on when entering the vehicle. I always make it a point to show it to new passengers. They are all either being polite or think it’s as cool as I think it is. The goofy shift knob that...
  6. RS1

    Driving in snow

    Received Big Bend in May so no experience yet in snow. 17” factory Continental tires on it. What has been your real life experience in the snow. Thanks
  7. RS1

    Extremely loud notification tone

    Hi all, Had some kind of automatic update this morning. Big Bend with XMSirius. The notification for a saved artist or song on XM is now eardrumpiercingly loud. Prior to update it was fine. Anyone know how to subdue this tone? Thanks in advance. Tried scrolling through all the menus with no...
  8. RS1

    Bronco Sport #1

    Motortrend tests Jeep, Rav 4, Subaru & Badlands. Ford wins in their test.
  9. RS1

    2024 Hybrid Bronco Sport

    According to Ford Authority, 2024 is when it can be expected.
  10. RS1

    Anyone have any idea why?

    Big Bend. Has blind spot and cross traffic monitoring, rear camera mandatory by big brother also one touch DOWN for drivers window but no one touch up(oh the humanity I have to hold that button for 2 seconds) and no rear objects sensors. Can’t possibly be that much more money to put these two...
  11. RS1

    Did I get an underhanded jab?

    Had to go to the big city yesterday. Parking meter roulette at 4 minutes per 25 cents and hoping the meter works is no fun. Bite the bullet and Into the garage. Overall cheaper than a ticket and easier than fighting a phony ticket. (Yes it happens frequently) Parking garage is full so have to...
  12. RS1

    Brake hold

    Does not hold in reverse.
  13. RS1

    Friendly reminder about lane control

    Someone was watching while I had reached into the backseat This was with lane control or whatever it’s called was on Must have hit it by mistake because it’s the only thing I hate about this vehicle
  14. RS1

    Uses for Molle straps?

    I find these things on the seat backs to be more of a pita to use for anything useful. They seem very narrow. Help me like and use these things. Only use I’ve found so far is for pens.
  15. RS1

    Accessory ready for what?

    This is on the top of the windshield on both passenger and driver side. I’m ready and willing. Suggestions please.