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  1. Benanza

    I am getting ready to order a new Bronco sport I need some advice on OB vs BL

    I'm sorry, but if you love the feel of powerful engine, a BS is not for you. 🤣
  2. Benanza

    My 2021 Carbonized Gray Outerbanks Story/Build

    Can you please post a picture of the powder coated wheels, been debating it but I still think I want 17"
  3. Benanza

    It's not much smaller than big Bronco

    I searched for an FE but couldn't find a reasonable dealer to part with it. I also got a lucky deal cause they had mine on the lot same setup I wanted from a canceled order. So they matched the order rebate. Plus I still got more than anticipated on trade. Definitely no complaints. Well maybe...
  4. Benanza

    It's not much smaller than big Bronco

    I did debate the 2 door vs BS. I really just needed out of my car. I was originally looking at getting a jag f-pace, but the bronco was my first vehicle and the nostalgia made me check it out. Once I opted for fun over luxury, I never really wanted a big look and the BS is everything I really...
  5. Benanza

    It's not much smaller than big Bronco

    By the numbers it really isn't that much bigger.
  6. Benanza

    Trying to understand how the mobile apps work

    You we're playing Pandora thru the Bluetooth source on the Ford Radio, if you are plugged in it will switch to the app on sync. Not every app works on sync cause they require a sync conversion. I would think Ford charges for app compatibility. In addition they have safety protocols to remind...
  7. Benanza

    Stock tires + beach = bad idea??

    Those continentals are more of a road tire, you'll have to air down for sure but if that sand is loose granular you may have a problem gripping it. If it's wet sand or a hard pack, you shouldn't have too much trouble
  8. Benanza

    FE Wheels Now Available

    This listing shows a set of 4 for $905, might be worth looking into. They are selling as a kit with center caps and tpms
  9. Benanza

    Part Number for First Edition Black Gloss 17" Wheel?

    part number M-1007K-BS17GB
  10. Benanza

    Just had to laugh 😂

    The people's elbow is my favorite
  11. Benanza

    Want to cherry bomb the muffler

    Sadly it would end up sounding more like a tuner car. But my 94 mustang cobra with gutted cats advanced timing and flomasters... Now that made my neighborhood hate me
  12. Benanza

    FoMoCo Forum Rep Assistance.

    Now I'm confused. Are you saying my steering wheel doesn't lock because I don't use a key? If I park my BS turn it off, and open the door, I can still dry turn the wheel. There is no steering lock on my BS. So does this only engage if I use a key or is it broken?
  13. Benanza

    FoMoCo Forum Rep Assistance.

    So you are saying it's broken... Much better answer. 😂 thanks. @bjbena The Ford rep also refers to my mach-e (I don't own) on the bronco sport forum, not very observant to where they are responding
  14. Benanza

    FoMoCo Forum Rep Assistance.

    This may be what you are looking for...
  15. Benanza

    Badlands ordered, Ford changing options.

    Sounds like a dealer is trying to get you to change so it comes in earlier. Maybe @Ford Motor Company look for the answer for you
  16. Benanza

    Oil Leak Repair 2022 Ford Bronco Sport 270 miles.

    The only problem with the lemon law is the language... Reasonable time frame for repairs, they can claim the time frame is longer because of COVID protocols and part delays beyond their control. You'll definitely want a lawyer if Ford is not stepping to the plate.
  17. Benanza

    Recovery Board Side Rail Mount

    Why do you have so many washers under it, is that to make room for the other track to mount?
  18. Benanza

    Upset over missing engine cover!

    It's best for short whips and a good laugh
  19. Benanza

    Front brake thumping?

    I was having issues that were recall related. It did not have any sound. One day I was breaking and it was noticable felt like it took longer. No grinding nothing at all 18,000 miles. They replaced the front brakes under recall. If you have a clanking coming from one wheel, I'd check the lugs...
  20. Benanza

    OEM Mudflaps. Happy with them?

    Removed after they got caught off road and broke one