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  1. Osco

    Emergency starts!

    These things are great but no not every dead car can be started. When we hook up with cables for a jump sometimes we have to wait a bit while the running vehicle put a little juice in the dead car. I can’t count the times the first attempt was a no go. But the ease of use looks to be a bonus...
  2. Osco

    Battery Keeps Being Killed Overnight, Ford Mechs are Stumped??

    Wow, a load test would show the batteries condition, for example: State of charge, Available CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) State of charge after the CCA test, that shows Recovery ability. You can do all that at most any Car Quest or Autozone or Napa or Orileys parts store, to name but a few. Carquest...
  3. Osco

    My BS turned 1 today!

    I read everything you posted OP. I’m three weeks away from 18 months of ownership and about 350 miles shy of 20,000 miles. No problems at all. But I don’t take my plastic and Fiber underside into true 4x4 country. I have two rock hit scratches. Both are tiny. I got the touch up pen.
  4. Osco

    Sudden Turbo Flutter?

    Never paid much attention after the novelty wore off but I do think the flutter adds to the cool factor. Prolly sounds a little trick if your standing by the road and I flutter by,,
  5. Osco

    Wrapped Steering Wheel.

    I’ve had leather steering wheels and in the past put them on a few of my cars. But I felt no need with my Bronco Sport Base. It feels just fine, I don’t understand the complaints. I figured most did it to add a custom touch.
  6. Osco

    Delivered with missing parts?

    Over years of ownership the engine cover disperses heat rising directly above the engine. This could, over time mess with the paint. On top, of the hood. It has some sound deadening influence, It keeps idiots from playing with the wires and vacuum lines, The top of my 1.5L with out the cover...
  7. Osco

    Cluster F*** (flaw)

    Well duh to the op. I’m done with this thread.
  8. Osco

    Cluster F*** (flaw)

    If his seat is down all the way and that’s the view we’re talking 6’6” or more.
  9. Osco

    Cluster F*** (flaw)

    You did test drive one right ? If that was my view I would have chosen another vehicle. Trade it in or sell it outright, I doubt you will loose much. I am 5’ 11” and got my seat pumped up 75% of the way to the upper limit. I have a full view of all my gages.
  10. Osco

    Seat covers

    Neoprene, at the Ford Parts Counter, very good fit. $300 Cost me $7.00 out of pocket because I got tires on their Black Friday sale, and let Ford keep all the rebate and sales money. Stay bc with me,,,, I paid $800 for my Yoko Geolanders, Used the Rewards points from the tire purchase. So Out of...
  11. Osco

    Hood Insulation

    I believe ya brother. I spent several winters in deep cold, plugged in cars, vinyls seats and all that. Not once did I wish for heated seats.
  12. Osco

    Hood Insulation

    Roger that !
  13. Osco

    Hood Insulation

    Why not Minot, Freezings the Reason. 82,83 loved that base. SR-71 Crew swap, In and out like the Firefox, Clint Eastwood’s Bird/Movie, Windchills in the -95 degree range for a week, The Moose Incident, F-5 Tornado along side the Alert Birds, Snowed in at a Remote LCF for the weekend, Great food...
  14. Osco

    It's not much smaller than big Bronco

    Do you remember when A talking head said, “The big Bronco Base Is priced right where the Top of the line Bronco sport sits” I remember that. If I had $75,000 to burn I’d pay off my home and buy a Bronco Sport Base model.
  15. Osco

    It's not much smaller than big Bronco

    The full size Bronco Is a big boy toy. Priced like the Jeeps. IMO no comparison to my Bronco Sport that’s just an Escape on Steroids, Really good steroids but still. Don’t get me wrong I really like my BS but I have a 2004 Escape. When I park them close together they too look about the same...
  16. Osco

    What Ford Sees as Bronco Sport's Competition

    Almost bought one the year the Boxer became thee engine. Then I drove one. That stopped us cold. Then the CVT, that’s just not what a vehicle is suppose to feel like. Cvt my ass. What were they thinking.
  17. Osco

    What Ford Sees as Bronco Sport's Competition

    Ford will over the next few years raise the Bronco Sport price right on up to $40k you all just watch. All that the market will stand for. This Is The Way.
  18. Osco


    I drove out of the service department and saw the first one in the county. It was Black, It was a Base model, It was December 2020, It had been prepped and on the lot for a few hours. It was mine Two hours Later, It had all its parts. For the life of me I cannot fathom doing a special order in...
  19. Osco

    Hood Insulation

    I never will need or buy heated seats.