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  1. 2021 Bronco Sport MPG (23 Combined) Revealed in Actual Window Sticker

    Correct - as I recall the floor is slightly raised versus other models. I don't believe other trims have spare - just slim/air fill kit. As shown on specs moon roof eats a little volume too which is typically
  2. Bronco Sport Q&A with MAD Industries - Invitation

    Thanks for trying. That link returns message "your invitation has expired". I emailed Ford Horizon without any reply. Oh Well.
  3. Bronco Sport Q&A with MAD Industries - Invitation

    Can you post the registration link ? Like others I have order, but no email and I tried using Ford Horizons site without seeing registration..
  4. My first in-person impressions of Bronco Sport Badlands

    THanks for feedback. My dealer only had demo here last month for 30 minutes so only staff go to see it. I know others on forum had same question because to get 2L engine you have to move up (literally!) to Badlands and questions was how much up for seating.
  5. My first in-person impressions of Bronco Sport Badlands

    How would you charcterize the seat height and getting in compared to your CRV for example ? Curious if the increased road clearance translates into much of a step in height. Thanks.
  6. I have a VIN number!

    From Mach e experience pretty much true. Some people with year old reservations, converted as soon as allowed to orders and with FE are getting build dates a month or more later than premium models and some people with no reservation - who just ordered in July this year. There is no...
  7. I have a VIN number!

    Good you got a "first sight" Most of us have not. People on a lease or need to replace a car would just like to know if the car is worth waiting for. This forum and Mach e forum are pretty much the only sources of information. The $100 is irrelevant - in fact dealer I talked to thinks a lot...
  8. I have a VIN number!

    Why has Ford embargoed reviews with a drive ? Or any review other than a walk around ? (One reviewer held up a sign during walk through and said they cannot comment on driving until Dec 1st.) Why no manual link so people with orders can learn about their cars in advance. Same situation with...
  9. Interior dimensions

    With a little luck Ford will have a road tour like they are doing now with Mustang Mach e so people can actually try out things like seating. Besides numbers things like seat offset into car, seat height adjustment and floor pan depth ultimately determine how egress feels. I know others on...
  10. Interior dimensions

    Along those lines any thoughts on how the drivers set height/entry for the Badlands compares to Escape ? Or what car you think it will be similar to ? I drive BMW X1 now which is higher than sedan or coupe, but lower than typical pickup or full size SUV. I am in the group that would have been...
  11. I have a VIN number!

    For what it's worth I also have Mustang Mach e order and as they started to schedule builds heavily last week it has become clear that neither the reservation number or time stamp for a reservation mean anything for build dates, much less delivery. Total mix of FE and other trims and they are...
  12. Is there any downside to the off-road features on regular driving?

    I would say the egress into car and tire road noise. Not clear what ride height will be with small lift and different tires. I would have gone with Outer Banks, but definitely not interested in 3 cylinder engine than has cylinder deactivation to just 2 cylinders ! On up side one might guess...
  13. Badlands v Outer Banks decision

    Same decision here. I also drive BMW, X1. On flat roads either is fine. For a lot of hills where you'll stress any engines definitely the 2L BL. I prefer cloth seats so I went with standard BL. Would have gone with OB if they offered 2L. Reviews on Escape with same 1.5L are often city...
  14. Collectibility of First Editions

    I own a restored 65 mustang GT convert with factory air and regularly follow auctions. While my car is valuable it is also pushing 60 years old and was one of few in this color with GT package and factory air. A typical mustang from 65 is worth a tenth. So, no, FE are not likely to be...