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  1. Build to Delivery Date?

    I ordered on 10/16 and my build date is not until the week of 3/1.
  2. Bronco Sport Order Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Your dealer is a moron. I ordered my Area 51 BL+BL in mid-Oct and just got a build date: week of March 1.
  3. Bronco Sport Badlands closeup photos inside and out

    BL+BL in Area 51 with roof grey is exactly the config I ordered. Looks great! I'm wondering, though, if I should get the carpet floor mats....
  4. Ford Co-Pilot 360 Ranked Third Overall by Consumer Reports (Behind Tesla and Cadillac)

    I haven't driven a Cadillac with Super Cruise, but I've driven a Tesla Model Y as recently as September. What amazes me about the Tesla setup is how aware the system is of the entire space around the car for hundreds of feet in all directions. That includes cars ahead of cars immediately ahead...
  5. I have a VIN number!

    You may be waiting a while even if you order now. I didn't order my BS BL until about two weeks ago. My order number is in the 400k range, and the first orders in sequence were (I think) in the 100k range. Even if Ford is working 3 shifts, that many vehicles will take a long time to ship to...
  6. Dealers showing inventory

    I called one of the local dealers in Southeast Michigan. They do not yet have the vehicle on the lot, despite what says.
  7. Granger Ford here to answer your Bronco Sport questions

    Great to see you on here! Aren't you on the Mach E Forum as well? Anyway, I had ordered a MME but when the Ford Options monthly cost was almost as much as a house payment, I canceled the order and went with the Bronco Sport (which was my very close second choice). I'm just as excited about...
  8. Would you choose Bronco 4 doors or Bronco sport?

    The Escape is staying home while the snow comes down.
  9. Every Bronco Sport trim other than the Badlands

    Off-road capability is a lot more than just ground clearance. Approach and departure angles (i.e. basically, the angle formed from the tire patch to the farthest tip of the front or rear bumpers), and break-over angle (i.e. the between-the-wheels angles between the tire patch and the lowest part...
  10. Driving OB and BL, impressions still embargoed

    I love the red, but my wife's superstition prevents me from getting another car in that color. I've only had two in my life, but I've been in accidents in both. She said "No more red cars!" Yes, dear. I got Area 51 instead with the grey roof.
  11. California to End Sale of Gas Powered Cars by 2035

    WTF are you talking about?
  12. California to End Sale of Gas Powered Cars by 2035

    <sigh> As someone who *does* know the math, and who *does* understand the science involved, global warming is a real thing - but it is very emphatically not a "belief system." Data does not give two sh*ts whether you "believe" it or not. Data can be manipulated - and climate data certainly is...
  13. Bluetooth vs. SYNC3 Capabilities?

    I was referring to your tone in your previous comment that strongly hinted at wanting to "enlighten me" as to how these decisions are made. I know how they're made and you don't have to pull out the figurative Crayolas, nor Cheerios for that matter. As for the actual decision, of course it was...
  14. Bluetooth vs. SYNC3 Capabilities?

    I don't recall being asked whether I would want a power lift gate. If I had been, my answer would have been an emphatic "yes." And, by the way, spare me the hymnals about vehicle development, platform engineering, etc. I have spent the better part of 30 years in vehicle engineering and supply...
  15. Bluetooth vs. SYNC3 Capabilities?

    I would be more inclined to agree with you on this point if it wasn't for the fact that my wife's 2020 Escape has a powered lift gate. I know that cost is an issue, but considering the purchasing volumes involved, and the fact that the Bronco Sport and Escape are on the same platform, including...