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  1. kino

    I have a VIN number!

    Edit mine, please. Reserve date: 9.29.20 Order date: 10.8.20
  2. kino

    I have a VIN number!

    It may be the color. Kodiak Brown is probably the hold-up. It was for the new F-150, the last time I looked.
  3. kino

    I have a VIN number!

    It seems that the BL Package (on BL) may be making the dates of build further out. Possibly some BL Package parts not available until later???
  4. kino

    I have a VIN number!

    I just received an e-mail from Ford for a build for the week of January 4. BL A51 w/o BL package (further info in 'Orders' worksheet). 9.30.20 Order. According to my dealer, I am likely to expect delivery in early- to mid-February. Covid is still making it tough, and, being from Mexico, the...
  5. kino

    Bronco Sport Accessories Brochure with MSRP

    The brochure is great! I am thinking of Yakima crossbars, too. Already have them. Just need risers. I also like the door moldings!
  6. kino

    Bronco Sport production was to begin today

    Don't let this get to the kiddies in the Bronco Forum! They'll start arguing again!
  7. kino

    Granger Ford - ordering, pricing & purchasing terminology for non car people

    Mine shows "Contact Dealer". Zach (to whom I just emailed about it again) seems to not know why. Already signed paper with details. Any idea?
  8. kino

    I have a VIN number!

    That's good to know!
  9. kino

    I have a VIN number!

    Did any of you with VINs have the (late availability) Cargo Management System included in your order?
  10. kino

    Front and rear floor Liners (with carpet mats)

    When I ordered JUST the rubber mats, I was told that for BL that it could only be done with carpet ones (+$40). Unsure about other trims. This was before this updated B&P that happened overnight.
  11. kino

    Dealers showing inventory

    Several in inventories around Chicagoland. Only one (so far) being the Badlands. Yes to VIN. No to Window Sticker. Just stock computer photos. Give 'em time... edit: Sorry. Should say the ford website says in inventory, but they are probably not there, yet.
  12. kino

    Bronco Sport Interior

    Neither my wife nor I liked the brown interior, so also no on the BL package. Just seemed to clash with A51 (went with Ebony/A51). If the exterior were green (which we would have bought if available) or the Kodiak Brown, then we probably would. Just personal aesthetics. We have other...