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  1. A Plan Pricing

    Disregard I found my answer :)
  2. A Plan Pricing

    Does anyone out there know what the A Plan Pricing (or discount) is for the Bronco Sport Badlands Edition?
  3. Real Life Pics: Bronco Sport in Rapid Red, Cactus Gray and Cyber Orange (Outer Banks models)

    Pretty much guarantee that is cactus grey. Take a look at the pic with the women in the white blouse standing in front of the bronco sport.
  4. A bit frustrated...

    I can’t agree more. In addition to allowing folks to upgrade to the 2.0L I’d love to see the 2nd row A/C and a leather steering wheel standard above the base model. It’s pretty easy to add some new speakers and a leather steering wheel I guess but upgrading the engine or add 2nd row HVAC would...
  5. Sync 3 vs Sync 4

    I just think the sports interior dash and the sync 3 look outdated out of the box for a 30K+ vehicle so much so it’s a deal breaker for me. It’s a shame as I really was considering one.
  6. Official: 2021 Bronco Sport Info Thread: Specs, Trims, Colors, Wallpapers, Photos & Videos

    It would be nice to have 2nd row HVAC and a leather wrapped steering wheel should be standard above the base trim.