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  1. Thatch

    Bronco Sport cargo dimensions ?

    Well it give some hope and its a lot more than we knew yesterday. It is defiantly something taller than 34" is it 37" like some think, who knows. I now at least have hope it will be over 35" but will keep trying to get someone to take an internal measurement.
  2. Thatch

    Bronco Sport Live Stream Walk-around Q&A

    Yes please cargo height in back and over seats as well and you will be a hero to many on the forums.
  3. Thatch

    Bronco Sport cargo dimensions ?

    Similar problem, have two Newfoundland dogs that go with us everywhere and need the height measurement. 32" cargo heights just mean torn out headliners to us. Our dealer asked the trainer to get us the measurements but we have not heard anything. If anyone gets definitive numbers they will be...
  4. Thatch

    0-60 (Estimated)

    Using the 2019 escape as a base for comparison due to the same HP and Torque numbers I say you give up a couple of tenths for the increased weight and the larger tires. Probably a safe assumption it will be at or under 7.3 seconds.
  5. Thatch

    BL optional wheel

    I think in both cases its the same center hub cap but there is an outer plastic trim. I agree it looks better without it in these two pictures.
  6. Thatch

    “size comparison”

    Here is what happens when you correct for the forced perspective by using license plate size to standardize the height difference. The defender is only .7 wider and with a 2 inch lift and 33" tires would be 5.8" taller. Yes its bigger but someone tell them to stop with the obvious attempt to...
  7. Thatch

    Rear seat removal?

    On the BL you might be able to remove both of the 40% side seat cushion and back but the under floor storage I think would be fixed as it seems to extend under the center area. On the lower trims the seat looks to not have the split.
  8. Thatch

    Ranger Tremor vs. Bronco Sport

    Lol.... I want to believe, but until someone gets real measurements it is all speculation. I get it I have done the same thing a number of times already and come up with numbers from 33.4 to 36.7 depending on minor assumptions. Using the 235 65 r17 size of 29inches on the side view for the...
  9. Thatch

    Ranger Tremor vs. Bronco Sport

    Thanks, and no doubt for space a truck wins. Wet dog smell, well you just have to accept that along with the drool. In the summer thought they need air conditioning and I have yet to see a good solution for this when we need the rack on top for gear since these two hog up the room inside.
  10. Thatch

    Ranger Tremor vs. Bronco Sport

    The 2020 Cherokee only has 31" of cargo height and 30" over the seats. When I referenced the Cherokee at 36" that is from pre 2002 on the XJ platform. An Xterra was the last vehical with this kind fo height at 36". Most new SUVs have significantly shorter cargo heights. This seems to be a...
  11. Thatch

    Ranger Tremor vs. Bronco Sport

    For us one of the biggest concerns with the BS is if the internal height of the cargo area will accommodate our larger than average dogs. Our old Jeep Cherokee had 36" of cargo height but most of the modern SUVs are way shorter some as short as 31"" or less and the dogs can not stand up or turn...
  12. Thatch

    Official SHADOW BLACK Bronco Sport Thread

    Awesome pics. Wish someone would pull out a tape measure and get some cargo dimensions, height please. It looks like the rear window defroster has coiled wires that hang loose inside when closed..... Has anyone had a vehicle with similar setup? Did they hold up or is this going to be a failure...
  13. Thatch

    Bronco Sport White Top Option

    Not sure about the white handles but here you go.
  14. Thatch

    Bronco Sport White Top Option

    Lol. My photoshop skills may not be great but here you go.
  15. Thatch

    2021 Bronco Sport eSourceBook - 85 Pages of Specifications, Packaging/Options, Features And More

    You just need to download the maps before you go into an area with no coverage. Use to be you could not search the map without internet in Android auto so you had to set your route before you attached it to AA but that has been patched...
  16. Thatch

    2021 Bronco Sport eSourceBook - 85 Pages of Specifications, Packaging/Options, Features And More

    Only reason for me is the 10 way is set up for seat memory. Dont care if its 8 or 10 but having memory means not having to readjust it every time I switch off with the wife on who is driving.
  17. Thatch

    Cargo Management System - Late Availability

    I think you are absolutely right about this as the inside rear panels are completely different. With the management system it seems you lose some usable space over the wheel wells to the tray supports.
  18. Thatch

    Wheel and Tire plans?

    PhotoShop fun from awhile back before we got the concept vehicles. Wanted it a little more aggressive so used the Black Rhino Arsenal rims with 30" MT tires and lifted it somewhere between 1-2". In reality: I would go with an aggressive AT and save the MT tires for my old CJ5. I have run the...