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    Lagging gas mileage

    TANSTAAFL= There ain't no such thing as a free lunch. I'm going to have to disagree with your assumptions of the boxy shape affecting mileage much and especially with the opinion that anything over 70 will have a significant impact on mileage. I average around 29 mpg on my Outer Banks, with...
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    Audio Cuts out for Split Second while listening to music

    Nope. Another problem I don't have.
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    My baby bronco got shot.

    People shooting guns in the air in California? Unpossible. The draconian gun laws there make it virtually impossible for miscreants to obtain a gun or ammo according to Kali lawmakers.
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    Add factory class II tow hitch after purchase?

    One last time, I'm talking about the hitch itself and I made that plain in my last post. Putting a Class III hitch on a Class II vehicle doesn't change the fact that it's a Class III hitch. You could mount it on a motorscooter and it would still be a Class III hitch.
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    Add factory class II tow hitch after purchase?

    I'm talking about the hitch, not the vehicle's capabilities.
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    Bronco Sport Takes Forever to Get to Operating Temperature

    It's been around 60 degrees here in the mornings and it takes around 10 minutes for it to get up to the halfway mark. Starts throwing warm air within a couple of minutes though.
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    Add factory class II tow hitch after purchase?

    My paperwork says I have the Class II tow package, but the receiver is 2" x 2" which makes it a class III.
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    Missing Splash Guards and the worse response from Ford, not Happy

    I've owned nothing but Ford vehicles since I was 15, around 6 decades and had good luck with them. Only had one need for CS and the dealer handled it quickly and professionally. It's not Ford that's your problem, it's your dealer.
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    Pretty good MPG with the Badlands!

    I'm usually getting around 28.5 or so each time on my Outer Banks. I do right at 50% freeway and 50% city streets. The freeway part is usually at an average of just over 80MPH and the city streets are mostly posted 45MPH so I average around 50MPH there.
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    Ventilation issue.

    Did you just wash the car? I've found that when I get mine washed, the outside air temp indication always drops to around 60 degrees or so for around 10 minutes, then goes back to what the outside temp really is.
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    All Hail the Full Size Spare Tire!

    My Outer Banks has a full size spare. As I mentioned in another post, the rental GMC Terrain I had had no spare of any size and no other means of fixing the other 4 tires.
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    Issues with wireless charging pad?

    I kind of doubt that increasing the power to the wireless charge pad can be done through firmware as that sort of thing is usually controlled by hardware. Full disclosure: I'm a retired Electronic Engineer with lots of experience designing circuitry but I could still be wrong here.
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    Turn down/off turn signal sound?

    With my hearing, it's the only vehicle I own where I can hear the turn signals, so it must be pretty loud.
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    Bronco Sport Rear end collisions

    Mine came with the hitch and receiver, but not with the ball or the ball mount. Got it and plugged it in in less than a minute. People seem to stop farther back than they did pre hitch.
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    Rented A GMC Terrain For Two Weeks...POS

    Don't have to pull the door twice on my Bronco to open it even when it's running. I do this at least once a week when picking up my mail. And I didn't have the engine running on the GMC when you had to pull twice. That's how it's different.
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    Bronco Sport Rear end collisions

    I've always had trailer hitches on my vehicles as they seemed to stop a lot of the damage to my vehicle if I was rear ended. I owned a 1976 Ford F150 that got rear ended 3 times and had nothing but scratches on the bumper. Had a trailer hitch. I still own a 2000 Ford Ranger XLT that got rear...
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    Rented A GMC Terrain For Two Weeks...POS

    Went to Kona Hawaii for 2 weeks and rented a SUV from Budget. You get what they gave you, and they gave me a GMC Terrain. It's allegedly a turbo, but severely lacks power compared to my Bronco. It did, however, get good gas mileage. The trim inside looked and felt tacky and something that...
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    Moonroof...please explain why you would want one...

    I look at a moonroof the same way I look at putting skylights in the roof of my house. I believe it's just asking for leaks and other problems.
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    Got An Interesting FordPass Notification Yesterday

    Just got back from being gone for 15 days. The FordPass app gave me a notification that the Bronco was shutting down all non essential functions and I could no longer start/stop it with the app. It said to start the car normally one time and then I'd be able to use the remote start/stop again.
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    Shorter Antenna

    Sorry, but I think you left out the link.