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  1. Mark S.

    Why does the Rough Country 1.5 lift kit not fit the Badlands or First Edition but other kits will?

    It does until you realize that many folks install lift kits (and bigger tires) just for the looks.
  2. Mark S.

    Anyone doing vinyl graphics?

    It's too bad someone too cool for school has influenced your perception and denied you the ability to appreciate the citrusy, ORANGE goodness of the best available color choice. Although I'm sure you will somehow find a way to enjoy it, I'm sad you will be forever trapped in the CHILI confines...
  3. Mark S.

    So excited to finally get my BS OB

    I'm loving seeing all the new owners!
  4. Mark S.

    Lift Kit/Package

    I posted this in response to the same question on another thread:
  5. Mark S.

    2.0L MPG Fuel Mileage

    Nyuk, nyuk.
  6. Mark S.

    2.0L MPG Fuel Mileage

    Cost is definitely a factor.
  7. Mark S.

    2.0L MPG Fuel Mileage

    One of the beneficial properties of ethanol blends is they increase octane. There's a reason why ethanol is so popular in the racing community. Gasoline contains 114,000 BTUs per gallon, compared to ethanol's 76,100 BTUs. That seems like a large difference in energy content, but for our...
  8. Mark S.

    1st Oil Change on Badlands

    I get it. I like getting my hands dirty on occasion, but there are times when I don't want to be bothered with it. Depends on the job, mostly. Oil changes are pretty easy since I have enough space and the tools for it. Plus, I like to get a peak at what's happening underneath. Repair costs for...
  9. Mark S.

    1st Oil Change on Badlands

    Bring in a gallon ziplock bag and ask the tech to put the filter in it. Get yourself a cutter and do your own inspection.
  10. Mark S.

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    No snow, and no mud, just a shiny, clean Badlands. Sorry [email protected]!
  11. Mark S.

    1st Oil Change on Badlands

    I usually change the oil on new cars after the recommended break-in interval, which for the Badlands is 1,000 miles. Others have posted procedures, so I'm not going to go into that other than to say the bash plate on the bottom is substantial. I removed all the bolts except for one in front and...
  12. Mark S.

    Bronco Sport Tube Door options?

    The full size Bronco was designed to operate without the doors. I don't believe that's true of the Bronco Sport. Since it's a unibody design I would be concerned about structural integrity with the door removed. I would do some research in that area before proceeding.
  13. Mark S.

    Gave her a bath

    In your garage? Heh.
  14. Mark S.

    Garage door opener & sun visor from 2021 Escape Titanium : INSTALLED and CONFIRMED WORKING!

    That is a really disturbing GIF, Barry. Thanks for sharing!
  15. Mark S.

    Gave her a bath

    Oooooo, sparklies! Nice.
  16. Mark S.

    My biggest complaint about the Bronco Sport in the moonroof

    One of my college professors used to say, "There's no such thing as a dumb question, just dumb students." HAR! Kidding aside, the 100-150 lb figure is the dynamic weight limit, which is the vehicle-in-motion limit. It has to do with center of gravity and roll over accidents. I believe the...
  17. Mark S.

    Lagging gas mileage

    Thanks for the data point. I don't think we are in as much disagreement as you think. Driving 80 mph in traffic is not the same as 80 mph on the open road. If you're in a line of cars you're essentially drafting, which is cheating when it comes to fuel economy! The difference you report between...
  18. Mark S.

    Air pressure adjustment for larger tire size?

    I would suspect alignment as well. If it were under inflation both the inside and outside shoulders would show premature wear. Further, you would see that wear pattern on all the tires, not just the rear tires.
  19. Mark S.

    Air pressure adjustment for larger tire size?

    You only gave tire sizes in your original post. May I ask the specific brand/model of the OEM and the replacement?
  20. Mark S.

    Air pressure adjustment for larger tire size?

    Sounds right to me, especially if the new tire has a higher load rating. Proper inflation pressure ensures (among other things) that the tread remains flat laterally across the contact patch. Too much pressure and the center of the tread will bulge out; too little and it will cave in. You can...