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  1. 4% under invoice @ Chapman Ford of Horsham

    I just sent a message for Tom, is this info still good and has anyone dealt with them lately? Looking to order a 22 Badlands.
  2. Eibach Springs Lift Kit

    I'll do my best to explain and this is not a universal answer as spacer installations vary more than a straight up spring swap. A shock only has so much travel, so when you install a longer spring, assuming it's wound the same, you are reducing the total amount the spring can move. i.e. it...
  3. Eibach Springs Lift Kit

    Has anyone followed up on this yet? I think I'm going to hold out for a coilover, if I can get one before the end of the year. What I'd like to see is a kit with an adjustable lift height, from say 1-3", on a Badlands, with more travel and not a lot, if any stiffer.
  4. Air pressure adjustment for larger tire size?

    Using the calculator, I got 28 psi for your tires but we don't have full specs for either of your tires. I assumed both were standard load tires (SL) and a Hard metric size i.e. a 245/65/17 vs a "P" metric i.e. P245/65/17. As far as waiting to see how the tire is wearing, to make changes, do...
  5. Video: My Bronco Sport playing in snow and cold camping with Jeep

    Another, I hope hasn't been posted
  6. Used tires source!

    Just found this. Looks like a good source for used tires, some used once. I just ordered one A/T tire with 10/32" tread, as a Full sized spare for my brothers Subaru. 1000's of used tires and good search filters for size, brand, tread depth ect.
  7. Video: Bronco Sport Badlands Just Fun in the Snow

    I hope this hasn't been posted yet.
  8. Gaia GPS sale

    I got the free version of Gaia GPS, about a week ago but got a notice that the premium version is on sale now for 40% off and thought I'd let the community know. For those of you that are unfamiliar with it, it is described by some pretty serious offroaders/overlanders as the best downloadable...
  9. Eibach Springs Lift Kit

    I called them back, the 1.7" F and 2.0" rear is correct. The springs are a little longer and a little stiffer. Spring Rates are to be released later. I suspect the greater rear height is to compensate for a heavily loaded BS. In order to speed this along as much as possible, I'll post the...
  10. Eibach Springs Lift Kit

    Just got off the phone with Eibach sales. They have developed a springs only lift kit for the BS Big Bend, that works with the OEM shocks, that they expect to be available in April, for ~ $370. It raises the front 1.7" and the rear 2.0". It should fit all models with the possible exception of...
  11. Tire advice

    You need to be more specific, unless you are just asking about the brand, in general. What specific GY Wrangler? You might want to check Tire Racks customer survey and/or their test results. Edit: I think I've identified that tire as the A/T Adventure with Kevlar. If so, it's a really old...
  12. Tire advice

    I just want to clarify something, What car and tire combination were you on when when you got stuck, because I'm not 100% sure you are saying you got stuck with the BS while on the Falkens?
  13. Lift Kit Options Compilation List

    Did you get a copy of the alignment and was the camber within Factory spec? If so, you don't "need" a camber bolt but any time you raise a car, the alignment will change and camber will go more positive or less negative. I, personally, would always want to correct that and am generally in favor...
  14. Lift Kit Options Compilation List

    Good to see them listed in one place, I was unaware of the RTR. Eibach was reported to be working on one, some time ago. Also, I'm hoping someone comes out with something other than just a spacer lift, maybe that will be Eibach.
  15. New Falken Size Recommendation?

    All else being equal a heavier tire will accelerate slower and have a longer stopping distance. Keep in mind the 245's are slightly taller too, which will also make it a little slower but you might be able to find a like new set of the 235's, cheap, on this site, as some people are opting to...
  16. New Falken Size Recommendation?

    It is pretty much universally accepted that a 245/65/17 will fit a Badlands with the stock, and many other, 17 inch wheels. I would like to point out that Ford spec'd the 235/65/17, Falken Wildpeak AT3W as the OEM upgraded tire and that it's construction and weight differ from the 245's. The...
  17. New rims and Hakkas

    I like the new wheels.
  18. Anyone tried a smaller wheel size?

    Method makes a 16x7 +30 wheel that fits with a 245/70/16 as seen in this by HRG.