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  1. Beach_Bum

    Raptor Bronco Sport

    We discussed lift options including the above render in the sub section below. Bronco Sport Lift Discussion If you really want to pique your interest, there was a supposed sighting that was reported on Bronco6G that the observer said looks similar to the above render.
  2. Beach_Bum

    Collectibility of First Editions

    Another unpopular opinion, but mass-produced vehicles aren't collectible in our lifetime. You may be able to take advantage of the initial market, but I wouldn't expect a return on your investment in a few years. Ford can limit the production of First Editions, but it isn't enough to warrant...
  3. Beach_Bum

    “size comparison”

    You are correct. I was only adding the total suspension lift with the 31" tires, it is closer to 4".
  4. Beach_Bum

    “size comparison”

    As mentioned above comparing apples to oranges. The Defender on 33" tires with a 2" lift looks awesome. Park it side by side next to the Outerbanks and of course it will dwarf it. I mean no disrespect who find the Outerbanks trim to suit their needs, but IMO, the only acceptable trim level is...
  5. Beach_Bum

    OFFICIAL OXFORD WHITE Bronco Sport Thread

    With the Cargo Management System being late delivery, did they give you an estimate on delay?
  6. Beach_Bum

    Official CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    The awning was one of the first accessories that I looked at. I think it is priced at $230. More than likely, I'll just stick with my pop-up canopy for shade at the beach.
  7. Beach_Bum

    Video: Bronco Sport Outer Banks Having Some Fun With Sand

    Air down. I have an entire gallery of others who had bad beach days. The time to air down and inflate afterwards sure beats digging. I live in a county that has 16 miles of beach on which to drive, but the driving is restricted in the high/dry sugar sand.
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    Official AREA 51 Bronco Sport Thread

    Along with grey and black tops.
  9. Beach_Bum

    Official AREA 51 Bronco Sport Thread

    Essential Emloyee - Albert @Granger Ford wrote a bit about the reservations on Bronco6G's main forum. While the total # of reservations are high, Albert had mentioned that they hoping for 66% completion of reservation to orders.
  10. Beach_Bum

    Official CYBER ORANGE Bronco Sport Thread

    I'm still waiting on B/P to see if the CG concept Bronco will be available. If so, Ford can take my money. Otherwise, I'll wait (it will be coming as Ford keeps rolling it out for the public viewing). In the meantime, I'll either pickup a BS (BL + BL) or wait another model year.
  11. Beach_Bum

    Official CYBER ORANGE Bronco Sport Thread

    I really dislike the grey top on the Sport. The Black at least blends with pillars.
  12. Beach_Bum

    Front and rear floor Liners (with carpet mats)

    FYI, there is a glimpse of the floor in the video clip posted on the Suede Accents. I presume it shows just the floor sans mats.
  13. Beach_Bum

    Suede-like Accents on Seats

    Take pictures/video, please.
  14. Beach_Bum

    OFFICIAL KODIAK BROWN Bronco Sport Thread

    Last set of photos are really nice to show the comparison. But also, I think it is the first time that the roof top/moonroof is shown from above. I would be remiss to not mention the beautiful faux-steelies 🤩.
  15. Beach_Bum

    Lifted Bronco Sport - Factory 1" - Saptor or 3" Aftermarket

    There should always be that concern especially with unibody vehicles. Obviously, Ford felt that there is no compromise in the front-end components, handling, safety to offer a 1" lift. I would think 4" and higher aftermarket kits will indeed affect the aforementioned concerns. 3" would be...
  16. Beach_Bum

    Lifted Bronco Sport - Factory 1" - Saptor or 3" Aftermarket

    I would say the BL should have a standard 1" lift and the BL option be a 3" lift. The 1" is negligible but should be standard to distinguish itself from other trims as the BL also includes all the GOAT modes available in the Sport. A 3" lift (Sasquatch-lite) should be the option with larger...
  17. Beach_Bum

    Lifted Bronco Sport - Factory 1" - Saptor or 3" Aftermarket

    I fully expect that the aftermarket will supply the BS. With the BL + BL, Ford is even putting a 1" lift. My ex girlfriend from high school is a sales rep for Keystone Automotive. She is the one that first turned me on to the new Bronco as they are salivating at the new Bronco. The Sport...
  18. Beach_Bum

    Lifted Bronco Sport - Factory 1" - Saptor or 3" Aftermarket

    Believe it or not but there is some sub-set culture that are lifting Outbacks. I drive a 2003 Jeep Liberty- only 85K miles. I've babied it. Never had a reason to lift it as the 4wd is more than adequate to get around the beach. But I'm bored with it and also realize that I won't get much in...
  19. Beach_Bum

    Lifted Bronco Sport - Factory 1" - Saptor or 3" Aftermarket

    I think everyone accepts that the article and renderings are fantasy. As far as lifting unibody vehicles, it is done all the time. Can't use a body lift for obvious reasons (frame and body are one, hence unibody). But suspension lifts are implemented on unibody vehicles all the time. Even...
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    Lifted Bronco Sport - Factory 1" - Saptor or 3" Aftermarket

    Nevermind, Tdubz. I found the article with the renderings. In the article, they have a rear-view rendering with the plastic rear bumper replaced with steel. I like it overall. But I don't like the branding on the rear-view. Still need the faux-steelies for my taste.