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  1. RyanT

    Official CACTUS GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    Bit nervous about those photos. Sunlight really brings out the mint (though my family disagrees).
  2. RyanT

    Official SHADOW BLACK Bronco Sport Thread

    Dealer told me this when i called to make a change last Thursday. He didn’t give a date (I didn’t ask). I can’t find order detail on It has my order number and says to contact dealer.
  3. RyanT

    Official SHADOW BLACK Bronco Sport Thread

    It looks like all the demo vehicles are being built with cloth interiors, even the outer banks models that I believe come standard with leather. These are the first good photos of the non-fake steelies with the 29” FW tires. Ive been regretting not choosing the fake steelies, but the...
  4. RyanT

    Universal Garage Door Opener

    exactly, the only ‘missing‘ feature I care about is memory seats. whopty do. meanwhile, I really wish they had a two speed transfer case option and extra bonus with 1” lift and 31” tires. The 2.0L is plenty engine for me.
  5. RyanT

    Official CACTUS GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    A few thoughts on those photos, 1. Some photos are from early prototypes. i wonder if Ford was trying out slightly different formulas and coatings. It‘s difficult to associate all that range to lighting alone. Would be nice to see the same photos as above on a sunny day. 2. It seems like...
  6. RyanT

    Official CACTUS GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    Finally, really wanted more photos in non-marketing lit areas while there’s still time to make a change. New color, new vehicle. bit of s risk. Looks great though. Definitely sticking with my choice.
  7. RyanT

    Official CACTUS GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    A few daylight shots or videos would be awesome! It looks fantastic in the shade, as in just as good as the marketing shots.
  8. RyanT

    Cargo Management System - Late Availability

    Thanks. So much for December.
  9. RyanT

    Granger Ford here to answer your Bronco Sport questions

    I asked this elsewhere in the forums, but it might fit better here. The cargo management system says delayed availability. That could mean one of three things: 1. It will delay my order. I can remove it from the order to get my delivery in December and then add it through my dealer parts...
  10. RyanT

    Cargo Management System - Late Availability

    Can this be added by the dealer at a later date? Right now it could hold up my build, so I’d like to take it off my order. Only if I can add later though.
  11. RyanT

    Official CACTUS GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    The three unique colors are cyber orange, Area 51 and cactus gray. Tons of footage has leaked with real world images on the first two. My impression: cyber orange - looks awesome, but also a pretty typical yellow. I think that’s good news. Some of the mocked photos looked too rust orange...
  12. RyanT

    2021 Bronco Sport Price List (MSRP/Dealer Invoice Pricing) - All Models, Trims, Packages, Options & Accessories

    My dealer put in the fake steelies because I saw it as the cheaper (and cool) way to get the 29” tires. Price jumped $795 (300 + 495) so it added the two. The website shows either $300 or $495. My guess is the website isn’t correct since it makes no sense that fake steelies + upgraded tires...
  13. RyanT

    Bronco Sport Order Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    submitted. Badlands with Badlands package in cactus gray with the 29” tires. Dealer said x-plan would be honored (they have pricing but can’t apply it until invoice - guess we will see).
  14. RyanT

    Wheel and Tire plans?

    noise is a concern for me as tire sound hits ,y hearing in a rough spot (had ear surgery and this is leftover). Regarding clearance, I assume the Pirellis will have 0.25” less clearance (29 - 28.5 = 0.5” divided by 2 since the axle traverses the center line). This would mean 8.8” clearance...
  15. RyanT

    Would you choose Bronco 4 doors or Bronco sport?

    Nice post. The Bronco Sport fits my current life better (family, work, city life), but I’m also using it as a first step in to off-roading. The Badlands model will give me enough capability (I think/hope) to see if this can be my next big hobby. If so, and as kids start heading out, I can...
  16. RyanT

    Video: Bronco Sport Proves Impressive Off-Road Abilities at Moab

    now that was impressive, Badlands or bust for me. When the guide tells him to engage the rear locker to make the climb, any thought of the Outer Banks model was gone.