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  1. Am I alone in Limbo?

    Produced with Chip hold at the plant on hold. So you are in the purgatory that other folks were in due to chip hold :(
  2. Am I alone in Limbo?

    You say "Produced" but you are just showing as In Production - you aren't necessarily produced yet. Have you contacted your dealer? You may be in chip hold and your dealer can look at the Visibility Report to let you know where it really stands. I'm assuming mine was in chip hold but it was...
  3. Still loving it

    Can't wait to get mine. My every time we see one out on the road we call it out to each other :sunglasses::blush:
  4. Waiting room

  5. “In Production” since 12/8 without updates

    My window sticker changed each Saturday. It was first created on December 3rd I believe (and that is the date shown in the Special Order box at the bottom center of the sticker). But under that the dates have gone from 12/4, 12/11, 12/18 and 12/25. I think it just means that they continually...
  6. Weekly Roll Call on Production (Week of 1/03/2021)

    I keep checking here to see if you've posted :( So instead of obsessively checking my tracker I'm obsessively checking here to see if you've checked your tracker...I'm sensing a pattern.
  7. Weekly Roll Call on Production (Week of 1/03/2021)

    It looks like they are replacing the chips though, so I would think your email will come through soon. Hang in there🤞
  8. Weekly Roll Call on Production (Week of 1/03/2021)

    OK @Rgill you need to check your email, my Built email finally came through!
  9. Weekly Roll Call on Production (Week of 1/03/2021)

    Same situation here too. We will all cheer when our BS get out of purgatory!!
  10. Ford Tracking Site(s)

    Same although my estimated delivery date is January 15th and it hasn't changed yet.
  11. Reminder: Plant Scheduled Downtime For Christmas

    I wonder what the union rules are for things like that. With the plant closed can they have someone working anyway? We have been debating that in my household hoping for the same thing but wondering what the rules are. Would love to have the chip replaced and get my car underway, but I have a...
  12. Sitting BS

    Mine is a new 22 and is just sitting there from December 14th waiting on a chip. So not exactly true. We are in this weird lot hold while others come off the line and get shipped that were built after us. I know the '21s that are still waiting must be going crazy waiting and I'll be in the...
  13. Weekly Roll Call on Production (Week of 1/03/2021)

    Mine has updated every week for the last 4 weeks - I can't see any reason for it, other than a system refresh. So it's like they go through and see what's still in their queue and whatever isn't sent out to a customer yet gets updated with the latest date. Mine updates on Saturdays.
  14. Ford Tracking Site(s)

    I agree - I do customer experience for a living and have mentally crafted a few emails to Ford about this experience so far. They don't follow through on the site: while they have the initial portal, they don't update the information in a timely manner (even if the information changes, they...
  15. “In Production” since 12/8 without updates

    Interesting, my window sticker updates on Saturdays. So I have 12/4, 12/11, 12/18 and now 12/25. Mine posted as in production on 12/14 with the chips updated on that date as well. But I'm assuming I'm in the chip-hold with the others' since I'm still on the tracker as In Production even...
  16. Batch #2402/#1166 et al. - BSs Stuck in Production

    Mine is the Cyber Orange one down the row.
  17. Batch #2402/#1166 et al. - BSs Stuck in Production

    Badlands with Premium Package My details from the sticker are below since it may be one of these items that got us sidelined :( 2022 MODEL YEAR CYBER ORANGE METALLIC EQUIPMENT GROUP 400A 17" CARBONIZED GRAY ALUM WHL 225/65 R17 A/T TIRES 50 STATE EMISSIONS FORD CO-PILOT360 ASSIST FLR LINERS...
  18. Badlands production date delayed again

    Yep I’m #2307 in that batch.
  19. Weekly Roll Call on Production (Week of 1/03/2021)

    Same here - ordered 9/24 and mine is produced but sitting there. Dealer just confirmed that my arrival date is between Jan 9-15 but it still hasn’t shipped yet so we also must be in the chip-hold😢 I hope we aren’t in a rot-lot group like so many were this summer. That would totally suck.
  20. Official CYBER ORANGE Bronco Sport Thread

    Same! Mine has been in Production limbo for a little while, but I can't wait until mine is actually mine!