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  1. JAD67428

    New to the club!

    Welcome , kick back, relax and have some Fun
  2. JAD67428

    New Big Bend owner

    Congratulations but where are the pics ???
  3. JAD67428

    Anybody else use ceramic coatings?

    Yep er sure did get her a ceramic coating, but I had mines done by a Detail guy, Luv it
  4. JAD67428

    Tire advice

    Does anyone like Goodyears ??? Goodyear Wrangler® All-Terrain Adventure With Kevlar®
  5. JAD67428

    1.5L Dragon Reliability

    I read an article somewhere that I can’t recall now but I remember it saying that Ford Engineered and or designed the 1.5 engine for at least 150,000 thousand miles.
  6. JAD67428

    Finally Some Snow!!!

    Is that Blue Hills by any chance ???
  7. JAD67428

    Hello from WA state!

    Hello, did you put in a lift kit for the 245’s or did you leave it stock ? and if so have you had any kind of rubbing ??? I want to get 245’s but I’m worried about rubbing with no lift kit. Thanks.
  8. JAD67428

    Check your skid plate studs and torx screws

    I’ll second that at 58
  9. JAD67428

    1.5L Dragon Reliability

    I think it will do it, but only time will tell. With the proper up keep, oil changes, using premium fuels, and I believe in being pro-active.
  10. JAD67428

    WHERE did you go with your Bronco Sport today?

    Nothing to exciting just a forest service road in Freetown State Forest.
  11. JAD67428

    Hit the beach! BS Big Bend

    Damn !!! boy do I wish we could drive on the beaches around here, but nooo.
  12. JAD67428

    Aftermarket Parts Hub [Complied List]
  13. JAD67428

    Rear window gets less dirty with rear spoiler ???

    Thanks for your response.
  14. JAD67428

    Rear window gets less dirty with rear spoiler ???

    For those of you with the rear spoiler have you noticed that the hatch an window get to be less dirty because of the rear spoiler ???
  15. JAD67428

    Homemade rear cargo shelf

    When you click on the instructions it comes up with a error message
  16. JAD67428

    Real-world MPG Test Badlands w/wheel upgrade

    All in Normal selection
  17. JAD67428

    Buying a new BS Big Ben

    Congrats, I was going to tell you to grab it, I have a BigBend with the sunroof an love it,