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  1. TheMalamute

    Difference between Roof Rail Crossbars

    The 1.5L roof rail crossbar gets better MPG but won’t have the HP some people want to pass people in Colorado at high elevations.
  2. TheMalamute

    MPG revealed in Canada This is from our neighbors up north. Nice to see some numbers finally. I attached a photo for folks that just want the cliff notes. It does inaccurately list the 1.5 as a 4 cylinder.
  3. TheMalamute

    Are there any photos of the Area 51 cloth interior?

    Strange. I also have a BB ordered with all black for the same reason. Easy to keep clean.
  4. TheMalamute

    Are there any photos of the Area 51 cloth interior?

    Any more pictures of the interior on this big bend? Curious about what the screen in the cluster will look like. I know it’s smaller than higher trims.
  5. TheMalamute

    Extended Warranty

    How much did they cost if you don’t mind me asking?
  6. TheMalamute

    Cargo management system

    You will have to contact your dealer to modify the order
  7. TheMalamute

    How Far Do All the Seats Move? (front and back)

    This dude said The front seats were fully back when he sat in it. I know it’s not exact science but hopefully it helps.
  8. TheMalamute

    Ford Finance Offer For Bronco Sport - Through November 3

    I understand it is a brand new vehicle but have you heard any rumblings of possible incentives or rebates?
  9. TheMalamute

    Official CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    I have Oxford white with 18 inch optional wheels. Wife likes the matching roof.
  10. TheMalamute

    Official CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    Finally some big bend love!
  11. TheMalamute

    Cargo management system

    Seems like there are plenty of configurations for the cargo management system. I read five earlier but It’s nice to actually see photos of them in action.
  12. TheMalamute

    Official ICONIC SILVER Bronco Sport Thread

    Yeah it was a little rough. The young lady is hustling though!
  13. TheMalamute

    Does 2.0L engine use cylinder deactivation like the 1.5?

    I have watched a few video reviews of the three cylinder. They don’t seem bad at all. I don’t think anyone is buying a sport purely for the need for speed. I know I certainly am not. I’m getting a 1.5 and am excited for better mpg.
  14. TheMalamute

    This is the Bronco Sport Key Fob

    Here is a 2020 escape fob. It appears to be the exact same fob based on the side shot from one of the original pics. Not sure if the trunk button would be different since it isn't hands free. Hope this helps.
  15. TheMalamute

    “size comparison”

    I agree. I’ve owned a Land Rover before. Not impressed. Apples and oranges in the picture above.
  16. TheMalamute

    How to Convert an Order to a Reservation?

    When I went in to my dealer to confirm and move the reservation to an order, I had a email from ford before I even left the dealer.
  17. TheMalamute

    Cargo management system

    I ended up doing the same thing
  18. TheMalamute

    This is the Bronco Sport Key Fob

    First look at Bronco Sport key fob.
  19. TheMalamute

    Cargo management system

    I don’t believe they are delayed anymore as of the beginning of this month.