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  1. Pics request: Aftermarket rims and tires

    My Badlands with Falken Rubritek 245/65/17 tires with Raceline Scout rims.
  2. Downside of driving in 4wd lock full time?

    I concur, the owners manual says not to do it.
  3. Spare tire Jack accessories missing?

    I will use AAA or Fords roadside assistance unless it's a real emergency or I am in a location they can't get to. You should know where the spare tire and supporting tools are as well as be familiar with how to use them just in case.
  4. Is the PTU (transfer case equivalent) serviceable?

    I've seen videos about changing oil in the PTU as well, supposedly one of the reasons they overheat is because the volume of oil is lacking. If you do overheat the PTU it would be wise to change the oil sooner rather than later to avoid damaging the PTU if it's not already to late.
  5. Picked up my BS Badlands this evening

    The Badlands are bad azz. Enjoy!
  6. Rooftop Tent or Sleeping Inside

    Unless when possibly camping in the snow, I'd just set up my tent on the ground and not have to pack everything up anytime I want to go on an excursion with the BS. No need for me to look or pretend I'm an overlander.
  7. Falken or bfg ko2’s

    Very few people with Bronco Sports are going to be in a position to warrant using an LT rated tire for there offroad use. BTW, BFGoodrich now has a warranty for sidewall splits, yet I have read complaints that it still happens.
  8. Raining Inside My BL

    Nice they we're able to figure out the problem. Interesting that you didn't mention anything about leaves. I have trees that drop a lot of leaves, I always clean them out of the cowl vents to make sure they don't block or clog anything up, that goes for all my vehicle's.
  9. Falken or bfg ko2’s

    I used to run KO2's, they tend to develop sidewall splitting issues. Supposedly they have fixed that. The standard BS tires are passenger tires as well. A rock can take out a KO2 the same way as any other tire.
  10. Falken or bfg ko2’s

    I have had Falken 245/65/17's on my Badlands for over 8k miles without any issues, they are lighter than the KO2's. Not really any need to worry about the speedo error, it's not that much.
  11. Here's my new Hot Pepper Red Bronco Sport Badlands

    Looks great in the mall parking lot. LOL. Congrats!
  12. 5 star tuning 1.5L dyno sheet

    MARK S, Be a good dad, make sure she gets rid of it once the warranty is up. BMW and no warranty or free maintenance = $$$$$$$$ especially an M series. Hopefully she leased it so she can use the best of it and turn it in.
  13. 2.0L MPG Fuel Mileage

    Osco, this mileage thread is about the 2.0 I know how to calculate MPG, thank you. Like I have mentioned, I don't believe the 2.0 will average 30 MPG combined as Wyo states. On open flat highway you can get close but as soon as you start city driving the average MPG's fall off fast. I might...
  14. 2.0L MPG Fuel Mileage

    Wyo, maybe you should run the EPA drive cycle test. You could change Fords MPG corporate average lol.
  15. 2.0L MPG Fuel Mileage

    I use auto start/stop as well. I rarely use eco mode, Initially I used it to see if it would get the EPA highway fuel mileage and I did. Like I said, I can get mid to high 20's on the open highway, but around town it isn't going to happen. So basically you are driving to get the best mpg you...
  16. I hate the white letters!

    I like the white letters, not a big deal. All the other trim is black
  17. 2.0L MPG Fuel Mileage

    You guys must have wide open roads and highways without any traffic and drive like you have an egg under the gas pedal to get that high mpg average. Actually I don't believe it. My Badlands won't get that kind average unless I'm on a road trip with an open flat highway.
  18. MBPR/Borla Exhaust for Bronco Sport 1.5 and 2.0

    Another $1000 exhaust. I'll keep it in mind when mine falls off or gets crushed offroading.
  19. Paddle switch on the back of the wiper stalk

    If you dont have rain sensing wipers then the switch is used to change the intermittent wipe interval from longest to shortest.
  20. 1.5L Dragon Reliability

    Without keeping up with the maintenance requirements of the EcoBoost engines, 200k without any issues will be a stretch.