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    Storage bin behind touch screen?

    Yee pin made both dash and console units. Many others on Amazon
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    Big Broncos in storage Wayne MI

    All those Broncos are in a Covid concentration camp. They are all infected. Love the spot lights scattered around the yard. Very concentration camp like.
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    Storage bin behind touch screen?

    I’ve used one for a few months. Fits perfectly without any tape. Doesn’t move or make a sound. Seemed to just snap in place. Just keep sunglasses in it. Cheaters go in the overhead. Console tray is awesome too. Thanks for the suggestions.
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    Recall 21C31

    Holy crap. Chill people. Ford pass and dealer say fronts. NHTSA says rears. Dealer doesn’t have parts for EITHER. So right now front or rear issue is moot. Peace
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    Recall 21C31

    It says front brakes and my dealer said front but nhtsa says rears.
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    Bronco Sport Engine Appearance Cover 1.5 L Ecoboost

    I checked to make sure engine cover was there and oil was put in the engine. I did have a no oil oil change once. Dealer admitted to screwing up and put in new motor and turbo etc. in my 125,000 mile Escape.
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    Center Console Carbon Fiber Cover Trim - Perfect fit for my Bronco Sport car!!Recommended

    Just by the sport nomenclature it has to be “sporty”?
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    Front or Rear Brakes Recall?

    Still, brake recall, ok to drive 👍🏻🍌
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    Front or Rear Brakes Recall?

    I questioned stating nhtsa says rear but ford pass notice says fronts. Dealer response, doesn’t really matter right now. We don’t have repair parts.
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    Here's my new Hot Pepper Red Bronco Sport Badlands

    Excellent choice. Enjoy.
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    Front or Rear Brakes Recall?

    I’m at dealer waiting for oil change and inquired. They insist it’s front brakes and no parts to conduct recall repair at this time. But it’s safe to drive. 🥶
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    Still loving it

    Still relatively obscure vehicles. The snooty exclusivity is still kind of cool. The stupid movie that comes on when entering the vehicle. I always make it a point to show it to new passengers. They are all either being polite or think it’s as cool as I think it is. The goofy shift knob that...
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    Front or Rear Brakes Recall?

    Ford pass notification here. Front brakes. No parts.
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    Seat issues at 17k

    I have different seats in Big Bend. 14,000 + miles since May and still like new. Maybe warranty. Unacceptable but that’s what warranty is for. Like the logo.
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    Buying a new BS Big Ben

    Good move. Enjoy
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    Failed Wrap Job

    Looks awesome. Thanks
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    Buying a new BS Big Ben

    Big Bend with sunroof is common as common sense. Grab it.
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    Failed Wrap Job

    760, Pics of newly black painted top please (if that’s what you did)
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    Velocity Blue & Bronze Smoke Bronco Sports - First Owners' Pics

    Both those colors and Kodiak are nice. Too bad once the mfg has a color, you can’t custom order for additional cost.