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  1. Bronclahoma

    Tire advice

    Looks like a good tire. Good choice on the dimensions, too.
  2. Bronclahoma

    My 2022 Badlands camping trip and photo journal

    Enjoyed hearing about your trip! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Bronclahoma

    Tire advice

    I'm saying I replaced the 235 Falkens with 245 KO2s because I wanted a more aggressive tread for mud and a stiffer sidewall for rock-strewn trails. Capishe?
  4. Bronclahoma

    Falken or bfg ko2’s

    It's important to keep your driving terrain in mind, too. When you go to lighter 245's that generally means they don't have reinforced sidewalls. Falkens have a passenger tire rating.
  5. Bronclahoma

    Tips for driving in snow.

    Best winter driving tips I've seen. Posted on fb by my cousin in Boise.
  6. Bronclahoma

    WHERE did you go with your Bronco Sport today?

    It always does the soul good just to get out.
  7. Bronclahoma

    New Falken Size Recommendation?

    My BL came with Falken AT3 235's and they were great tires. I replaced with 245 BFG KO2's for more traction off road. No rubbing issues. I would lean toward the 245 Falkens. A little more contact patch and a little more traction. Would still be quiet on the highway. When I picked up my BL...
  8. Bronclahoma

    Anyone going big and oversized?

    No rubbing with 245 KO2's. I can live with the decrease in acceleration. You can compensate by just giving it more throttle and spooling up the turbo or using sport mode around town. They have a little road noise. It's a trade off. The KO2's don't handle as well on the road, nor are they...
  9. Bronclahoma

    Anyone going big and oversized?

    I put 245 KO2's on my BL and it noticeably decreased acceleration from a stop. I think you will be disappointed with the performance of the 1.5L with huge tires. Lots of other issues as well. I've used a quote from my old Grand Dad who was born in a dugout along the Chisholm Trail here...
  10. Bronclahoma

    Issue at the gas pump

    I had a slight problem at a gas station just off I35 in southern OK. It was long before daylight, I was heading to a NWR in Texas to photo snow geese. While I was at the pump three guys on the other side of the pump were being loud and boisterous. Then a fourth guy who was with them exits...
  11. Bronclahoma

    2” kit Woolworth (fordrangerslifts) installed

    As my old Grand Dad would say, "Ain't that kinda like puttin' a $40 saddle on a $20 dollar horse?" :sunglasses:
  12. Bronclahoma

    Bronco Valve Stem Caps.

    And plastic caps often split and can allow the valve core to leak. Having steel or aluminum valve caps has nothing to do with looks.
  13. Bronclahoma

    Bronco hack-- cheap fender flares

    Had to share this fender flare hack. What the heck? Why not? It's winter now and the kids aren't using the wading pool anyway. Show pics of yours when installed.
  14. Bronclahoma

    Where have you been in your BS?

    That beach looks inviting! Planning on spending a month on Perdido Key in spring.
  15. Bronclahoma

    Bronco Sport Takes Forever to Get to Operating Temperature

    After posting early yesterday morning I paid closer attention as I started my BL and headed to a nearby state park. It took about 8 minutes to get to four bars. And the four bars were almost spot on to the middle of the thermometer.
  16. Bronclahoma

    Bronco Sport Takes Forever to Get to Operating Temperature

    My 2.0L gets to its normal operating temp very quickly. The mid-point on the temp gauge may or may not be where your vehicle operates. Mine never gets beyond four bars which is not to the mid-point on the gauge. I consider four bars the normal operating temp for my vehicle, if it got beyond...
  17. Bronclahoma

    Bronco Valve Stem Caps.

    I replaced mine w/ steel valve valve caps off Amazon. Have the Ford blue oval on them. I'm not a fan of plastic valve caps.
  18. Bronclahoma

    Where have you been in your BS?

    Visited Hagerman NWR on the south shores of Lake Texoma over the w/e to chase some birds and photo. Took some interesting roads. Several years ago many oil wells were drilled out in the waters of Texoma. Some have dikes built out to them so that vehicles can service them. Most are not...
  19. Bronclahoma

    Low beam headlights seem to aimed too low

    I doubt they are aimed low. Many new vehicles have the low beams filtered so they don't blind oncoming traffic. There will be a clear line at the top of their beams and dark above it. If that is the case, this is normal. Be sure you have your auto dimmer turned on so you will be using the...
  20. Bronclahoma

    Loaded up for camping trip! Mcgee Creek State Park, OK

    Enjoy your trip! I used to fish McGee Creek quite a bit. We downsized a few years ago and I got rid of most of the things that cluttered and complicated my life. Gone are a job, an RV, Chevy DuraMax, two boats, bird dogs, big house and acreage. No. I kept Carolyn. Life is much simpler and...