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  1. Upholstery question

    I'm looking to order the Badlands with the Badlands package, which seems to lock me into the brown leather seats. Is that really the only option?
  2. Spotted: 2021 Bronco Sport Badlands in Alto Blue

    The badge will be one of the first items to get the vinyl overlay treatment.
  3. Smoky Mountains

    Gotta be someone around here. Sevier County, TN.
  4. Chastang Ford

    I had to prod my dealer. They overlooked the "SPORT" on the reservation request. Said I am the only one reserving a Sport. They assumed I wanted a big Bronco. Ordering on those doesn't start till December. Once we cleared that up (yesterday), I am set to go in on Wed to do the build/order.
  5. Great Smoky Mountains

    So far mine will be the only Sport order in the county (going in Wed to do the build/order). Going with the Badlands w/badlands package. Will be a daily driver and used for fire road / logging trail offroading for camping and such.
  6. Reserved and ordered.

    Had to prod my dealer to let me order. They said that nobody had reserved a Sport model, so they overlooked that on my reservation. I'm going in on Wed to order a Badlands w/BL package. Anyone have thoughts on ordering the roof cross rails or the mudflaps? Should I wait and buy my own?