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  1. Order Status on Ford's site

    My dealer gave me a print out with the options and total MSRP for my Badlands order. The dealership name is on the form with Priority Code 19 at the top plus some other codes. Only have paid the original $100 res fee, nothing else required & they said no additional markups or addons but full...
  2. 2021 Bronco Sport eSourceBook - 85 Pages of Specifications, Packaging/Options, Features And More

    Would of been good if Ford put a 10 way power seat instead of the 8 way power seat. Escape offers 10 way power, why not Bronco Sport.
  3. Granger Ford here to answer your Bronco Sport questions

    I also have that same message on my account. Thought something was wrong.
  4. Granger Ford here to answer your Bronco Sport questions

    @ Granger Ford......... how long after you reserve, then go to the dealership for the order, can you make any changes to it if possible? Thanks for your info.
  5. Would you choose Bronco 4 doors or Bronco sport?

    I really like the looks of the 2 door/ 4 door but going with the Sport because it will fit my lifestyle better.
  6. Are there any photos of the Area 51 cloth interior?

    Area 51 cloth for me. Prefer cloth due to the hot Florida temps. Not too many pics of that color.
  7. OuterBanks or Badlands

    Badlands for me when I saw you can only get the 2 liter in that trim.
  8. Bronco Sport on display at Ford Employee Roundup Event

    Really liking that Cyber Orange with the gray top & leather seats.....was thinking about Silver with cloth seats but may have to change my mind. Thanks for posting !!
  9. 2021 Bronco Sport Price List (MSRP/Dealer Invoice Pricing) - All Models, Trims, Packages, Options & Accessories

    First time I have seen it listed. Supposed to be a charge for people who lease the car I think so that Ford can maintain the acct/loan. Regarding the "steelies" wheel.It is misleading........thought the $300 included the bigger tires & the wheels
  10. Things no one talk about Bronco!

    Over 100K on my 2.0 L with no problems. Only had the plugs changed at 102K and coolant changed. Always used premium fuel and no oil consumption. Very reliable
  11. When will you buy?

    I am waiting to actually sit in one to see how comfortable the seats are.Hope that Ford will have a drive event located in different cities like they did for the Ranger. Before any of the dealerships had the Ranger available you could see and feel how the 2019 Ranger was to drive.
  12. Ford Bronco engine review

    My 2.0 Liter in my Fusion with over 100k miles no problems to report. It has been very reliable & no oil consumption. If that engine was troublesome I would not be looking to buy a Bronco Sport.
  13. 2.3L Option in the future?

    @ 2.0 liter in my Fusion has over 100K with no problems, just regular maintenance stuff. Would be nice if Ford would drop the 3 cylinder, make the 2.0 standard and add the 2.3 as an option. The PTU does need fluid changes earlier than what Ford says is needed from what...
  14. Premium fuel?

    I think Ford says to get the max hp as advertised, premium fuel is needed. I always have used premium in my 2.0 liter.
  15. Engine "Options"

    2.3 should fit in the Bronco Sport....fits in the Corsair that is based on the Escape
  16. Engine "Options"

    Ford should have the 2.0 engine option available on all trims. At Lincoln the Corsair has the 2.0 standard with the 2.3 optional. Too bad Ford did not do the same as Lincoln did.
  17. Spotted: 2021 Bronco Sport Badlands in Alto Blue

    Totally agree .......that is my wheel choice
  18. A bit frustrated...

    I like the 2.0 a lot.Have that engine in my 2014 Ford Fusion and no problems to report after 103,000 miles. Only had spark plugs replaced and coolant changed. Looking to get a Sport Badlands possibly.I really like the full sized Bronco but I think the Sport would fit in my garage better.