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  1. Lifted Bronco Sport - Factory 1" - Saptor or 3" Aftermarket

    I could go for this! May even sway me from a Bronco if I could get/make this instead of the potential 12 month wait for the Bronco. Sure hope Ford decides to offer a higher lift/bigger tire option. The current 29 inch tire option doesn't cut it. The older (84-01) XJ Cherokees were uni-body...
  2. Easier Build and Price tool from NADA

    That's bad news, but thanks for clarifying. Ford still has in wrong on their B&P as of today. Are the optional Badlands wheels available for $300 without the larger tires? I won't spend $795 when I only want the wheels.
  3. Easier Build and Price tool from NADA

    Thanks for posting. Nice to see the invoice pricing. I get a discrepancy when I add the optional wheels to the Badlands..... Ford shows it as $300 with the larger tires included. The NADA site shows it at $795. Both sites show the tires only at $495, so I expect it's an error on the Ford site. I...
  4. Introducing the Bronco Sport Off-Roadeo Adventure Patrol Concept

    Looks like the limiting factor is the height at the rear wheel. Maybe a 29'er will fit if you move the bikes a few inches towards the rear? Or.... Fork/handlebar height could be reduced by compressing the fork with a tie-down. Put the bike is forks-first to fit the 29" toward the gate? I'm...