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  1. Official AREA 51 Bronco Sport Thread

    Great looking vehicle, can’t wait to take possession. I’ve been driving used for 20 years!
  2. Gas prices & emissions discussions

    That’s a good point on carbon taxes, I was not thinking of those. Just read a Forbes article from 9/19 which suggested 40/ton carbon tax would mean 40cents more per gallon at the pump. Not sure how they decided 40.00 is the right number, I’m not sure what AOC has proposed and I thought the...
  3. Ford Finance Offer For Bronco Sport - Through September

    Thanks for this post. What does the 9/30 deadline apply to?
  4. Granger Ford - ordering, pricing & purchasing terminology for non car people

    Hi— I had a question on financing. I read in an article on car buzz that Ford might stop offering zero percent financing on a 48month loan for the Sport. Indeed, that option has been available on the website to estimate your monthly cost. Here’s my question. Since you can’t actually buy and...
  5. Gas prices & emissions discussions

    I’m an oil analyst— I’ll take the under on 8.00 gas. oil is in a low forties strip price for 2021 Currently and there is significant Excess refining Capacity in the US, plus OPEC has immense spare Crude capacity. Even if Biden wins and halts drilling on federal lands (not a certainty based on...
  6. Wheel and Tire plans?

    Never order the 777 personally, I’m waiting for the 777x in Area51
  7. 2021 Bronco Sport Accessories List (w/ Pricing and Part Numbers)

    You may be correct...I was basing my comments off the configurator, when I selected the off road cross bars under Badlands I didn’t see a charge.
  8. 2021 Bronco Sport Accessories List (w/ Pricing and Part Numbers)

    So if the off-road cross bars are included standard with the Badlands but they would incur a late availability delivery, if you order one without cross bars, are you entitled to it later or do would you then incur the accessory charge when they are available? Just curious.
  9. Granger Ford here to answer your Bronco Sport questions

    Hi albert, I’m having a ton of problems with my dealer and they just pushed my reservation into an order using an inaccurate build and without confirming the price with me. After a dealer orders on a reservation, is it possible to change dealers?
  10. Bronco Sport Order Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Did anyone’s dealer submit their order without confirming the Xplan price first? Mine just pushed my original reservation through (and the build is inaccurate btw). Thanks to this forum I have a pretty good idea of what my xplan price should be, I just didn’t didn’t realize it was even possible...
  11. Bronco Sport Delivery Date

    How would delivery timing be impacted, if at all, by the timing of when your reservation converts to an order? From reading this and other posts, it sounds like if you finalized an order in the next week, and Ford decided to sequence your build appropriately (ie you skipped all late...
  12. Reserved and ordered.

    Thanks! So it looks like you can’t order the wheels independent of the 235tires. My dealer just said that today, after taking 17 days to get that same information.
  13. Reserved and ordered.

    My dealer is having some problems still with the wheels on the Badlands. I’m trying to order a build with the aluminum wheels with the 225 all terrain only tires, as I don’t need the “off road” version for another $495. Has anyone done this using the dealer ordering system? I’d appreciate any...
  14. Granger Ford here to answer your Bronco Sport questions

    Thanks! It is so odd that the configurator on doesn’t reflect that.
  15. 2021 Bronco Sport Price List (MSRP/Dealer Invoice Pricing) - All Models, Trims, Packages, Options & Accessories

    This charge still doesn’t match the online configurator’s price for those wheels on the badlands.
  16. Granger Ford here to answer your Bronco Sport questions

    Hi— Thanks for posting this! Did anyone resolve whether in the Badlands, if selecting the aluminum steelie, whether the off-road tire is an extra $495 charge?
  17. 2021 Bronco Sport Price List (MSRP/Dealer Invoice Pricing) - All Models, Trims, Packages, Options & Accessories

    My dealer is currently investigating this very issue about the charge for the tires By inquiring with their Ford rep. Did your dealer ask Ford about the discrepancy or did they just charge you for it? Thanks much for the insight, this issue is the only thing holding up my reservation conversion.
  18. Wheel and Tire plans?

    Has anyone had difficulty ordering the aluminum wheels on the badlands with the all terrain tire? My build via configurator added both for $300, my dealer said their internal system was having trouble as it was invoicing a different price for the wheels+tires. They’re circling up with their...
  19. Order Deposit Amount?

    One place I called told me 1k nonrefundable. I called them back later and was told 500.00. Another place told me zero, another place went to zero after I mentioned the zero bid. Depends on the dealership for sure. For most of the potential builds out there they probably aren’t taking...