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  1. Video: Bronco Sport Outer Banks Having Some Fun With Sand

    Nice. But here is my question... we have deep soft sand where I live.. I wouldn’t think of taking my Wrangler (or anything else) on the beach without airing down to 15-18#. With all if this computerized 4-wheel drive and the extra clutch on my Badlands it would be nice to know if I should...
  2. How to Convert an Order to a Reservation?

    That is what mine looks like too. I contacted my dealer and she confirmed all was well. She could print what I ordered but said it was not completely available to her, probably because of my paint choice.
  3. Front and rear floor Liners (with carpet mats)

    Ordered them separately for $200. Here is what the BL package gets you:
  4. Front and rear floor Liners (with carpet mats)

    They came with my BL + BL. Towards the bottom of the order.
  5. Bronco Sport vs Toyota RAV4 TRD Comparison (Roadshow)

    Its $3.58 a gallon here. 8 bucks??? Time to pump up my bike tires. :sunglasses:
  6. To Order the Hitch or Not

    Been there done that!:sunglasses:
  7. A good look at Navy Pier Interior in the Bronco Sport

    My order paperwork is clearly a Class II not III. That said, all they have ever shown is the 2" receiver which apparently they have put on Escapes but rated it as a II (I have a friend with one). Research shows that there are other Class II 2" setups, just not that common.
  8. Overlanding People

    If you order the Badlands package it appears the moon roof is included.
  9. Roof Weight Limits?

    @chaseAbronco. Correct, I meant 1.25” for a class II, not 1.5”. By definition I think a 2” is a class III but I am hoping for a 2” so I can share the shank and ball with my wife’s Explorer so either of us can drag our utility trailer.
  10. Roof Weight Limits?

    I have Yakima swing away for bikes for our Sprinter RV and it's great. Problem is it requires a 2" hitch not the 1.5" I think we are getting on the Sport.
  11. Update From my Ford Dealer - production starts late October for first deliveries December

    Just heard from my dealer that they can't access my full order report because it is blocked because some colors are on back order. I guess that includes my Rapid Red :facepalm:
  12. Order Status on Ford's site

    What? A Badlands w/o the Badlands option package? Says AWD but you might need the package for 4WD.
  13. FIRST EDITION Thread

    When I ordered my FE I didn’t recall mud flaps and they never showed on the build image. Not saying they don’t come with, but after I canceled the FE and went for the badlands + badlands I added mud flaps.
  14. Delivery Update From Ford

    I do not believe that statement applies to the Sport.
  15. Order Status on Ford's site

    WHAT??? Where's the fun in that? 😀
  16. Universal Garage Door Opener

    This makes the most sense to me. The last garage door opener I installed had wifi and an app and I also switched the barn lights to wifi switches and an app.
  17. Order Status on Ford's site

    I actually saw it first when I cancelled my FE. My dealer cancelled and told me she was going to contact their Ford rep to "make sure it was cancelled". When I saw it cancelled on my Ford account site (no email received from Ford about the cancel) I emailed the dealer and she confirmed it and...
  18. Granger Ford here to answer your Bronco Sport questions

    I see the same thing when I log on to my Ford account. After seeing your post I contacted my dealer and she checked and said everything is good with my order and "it was placed and pulled into their order bank" (whatever that is :) )
  19. Granger Ford here to answer your Bronco Sport questions

    Because I couldn't make changes, I had my dealer cancel my FE after it was converted to an order, then I reserved a Badlands + Badlands, then called my dealer and she converted it to an order. No problem.
  20. Order Status on Ford's site

    Seems a little different depending on... something. When I placed my reservation I received: Then a few minutes after being converted to an order I received this email: