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  1. TXArchitect

    Bluetooth vs. SYNC3 Capabilities?

    Bummer that BS, as late as we are getting them still cannot get Sync 4. "Sad Face"
  2. TXArchitect

    OFFICIAL KODIAK BROWN Bronco Sport Thread

    This color is great on the F 150. Love the close up on the metallic flecks.
  3. TXArchitect

    Official ICONIC SILVER Bronco Sport Thread

    There will be plenty of aftermarket options for off road supplemental lighting.
  4. TXArchitect

    Bronco Sport trim badges are reflective

    My cyber orange BS will be beacon enough. lol
  5. TXArchitect

    Official CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    I like it when I see pics of the BS next to cars I see on the road all the time. Helps visualize the scale. BS will have a decent height to view the road I am sure.
  6. TXArchitect

    Bronco Sport Overlay Comparison to the Ford Maverick Pickup

    Anyone do a comparison with BS and new Escape. It would help understand size and scale tremendously until we see these in dealers.
  7. TXArchitect

    Official AREA 51 Bronco Sport Thread

    When the factory photos leaked a while back the Ford logo was another contentious item discussed online. It would look so much better to just remove it. It is nowhere else on the vehicle badging and looks like an after thought where the rest of the badging is all centered.
  8. TXArchitect

    Order Deposit Amount?

    @dreamwrx Try Bluebonnet Ford in New Braunfels. They can do $100 deposit, x-plan and great at customer service.
  9. TXArchitect

    Update From my Ford Dealer - production starts late October for first deliveries December

    They should invest in squares. Triangles have too many acute angles in them. Squares are always right. 🤪
  10. TXArchitect

    Order Deposit Amount?

    So far Sewell Ford is the top notch dealer in terms of deposit, service, knowledge and responsiveness. All my dealers in the San Antonio area do not require higher deposits.
  11. TXArchitect

    2021 Bronco Sport eSourceBook - 85 Pages of Specifications, Packaging/Options, Features And More

    I wonder if Ford will send that same trail map software that is going in the big Bronco to the Sport down the line. Would make sense if we are able to upgrade to Sync4 sometime next year. . .
  12. TXArchitect

    Bronco Sport White Top Option

    Looks like a shaving cream top.
  13. TXArchitect

    Pricing: X Plan & Granger Program

    Sweet sufferin suckatache! Thank you Granger! This helps clarify things. Still can’t get an invoice so looking for a dealership change down here in Texas.
  14. TXArchitect

    Pricing: X Plan & Granger Program

    On the Build Site, an FE for my Zip Code starts at $38,500 MSRP + $595 for Cyber Orange + $1,495 Destination = $40,590 **I do not have an invoice to see what numbers are included** So I start with $39,095 x .004 for an X Plan discount of $156.38. What is this $275 admin fee being added onto...
  15. TXArchitect

    Pricing: X Plan & Granger Program

    Wow, sent my Pin and request (again) for pricing and they replied that they need to assign a VIN# first, then they can send an invoice showing X-Plan price. . . I would like a recommendation from anyone, should I switch dealers?
  16. TXArchitect

    Pricing: X Plan & Granger Program

    I’m not sure what my price would be at my dealership. Never got a price breakdown even though I asked for one. “Red flags” I did find out that I could get the X Plan discount by joining the Mustang Club at so there’s a chance I could get a better deal.
  17. TXArchitect

    Official CYBER ORANGE Bronco Sport Thread

    Are you driving that one @Administrator ?
  18. TXArchitect

    2021 Bronco Sport eSourceBook - 85 Pages of Specifications, Packaging/Options, Features And More

    If this was a manual transmission I would never have to switch with my spouse. 🤣
  19. TXArchitect


    Just found it under “Packages” Ford Co-Pilot looks to be included for FE! Not seen as an option, just included.