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  1. Bluetooth vs. SYNC3 Capabilities?

    My theory was that sync 4 hardware/software wasn’t ready yet (possibly bugs or supply issues) or that they had a bunch of sync 3 units they needed to get rid of. The bronco, f150 and Mach e all have screen sizes that sync 3 doesn’t support, so they are prioritized for the sync 4 units. your...
  2. Bluetooth vs. SYNC3 Capabilities?

    If you look at my post, I say hardware and software. The bronco sport will get sync 4 eventually just like all other ford’s. Since you can’t upgrade sync 3 to sync 4, if you buy a sport now, you will be missing out on those features. You might not find those features to be worth it, but im sure...
  3. Bluetooth vs. SYNC3 Capabilities?

    Sync 4 is just the next iteration of sync. Target audiences or premium vehicles don’t have anything to do with it. I’m guessing either the sync 4 software or hardware wasn’t quite ready yet or ford still had an abundance of sync 3 hardware that they needed to get rid of. Sync 4 is rolling out...
  4. Bluetooth vs. SYNC3 Capabilities?

    Yeah, not sure why they wanted to go with sync 3. Doesn’t make any sense.
  5. Bluetooth vs. SYNC3 Capabilities?

    I don’t use Apple car play. The sync 3 system I have does everything I need it to over Bluetooth, however if you want to use Apple car play, you will need to plug your phone in. Sync 4 has the wireless Apple car play.
  6. Full Tech Spec Comparison vs the Competition

    I’m not sure about your numbers. The 2012 focus has 33.2” of rear legroom. The ranger has 34.5” in the supercrew. Also the outback is 20” longer than the sport so it’s not even comparable. The cross trek is closer in size and it has 36.5” in the rear. Im 6’1” and the back seat of the ranger is...
  7. Ranger Tremor vs. Bronco Sport

    If you get a ranger xlt tremor, it will probably come in around 40k, so just slightly more than a loaded badlands sport. I think it looks pretty cool (minus the graphics), especially those auxiliary switches. If this was released when the ranger first came out, I probably would have bought it...
  8. Lifted Bronco Sport - Factory 1" - Saptor or 3" Aftermarket

    Ford needs to offer that 1” lift with the 31” tires as the bronco sports Sasquatch.
  9. North7

    Lifted Bronco Sport - Factory 1" - Saptor or 3" Aftermarket

    Lifted Bronco Sport ideas have been discussed in several different threads, from the factory showing 1" lifts to renderings showing more extreme 3" aftermarket lifts, Bronco Sport Raptor anyone, lets just call it the Saptor. I've started this thread to continue these discussions to keep the...
  10. Lifted Bronco Sport - Factory 1" - Saptor or 3" Aftermarket

    Here is a render someone did a while back of a raptor bronco sport. I like the look of this, especially with the body colored roof, a, c, and d pillars.
  11. Bronco Sport Overlay Comparison to the Ford Maverick Pickup

    this was my biggest complaint about the sport. a few extra inches wouldn’t have hurt it. I was concerned at first that it would be a “cute ute” like the renegade, but it’s essentially the size of the 2nd gen escape and has better proportions than the renegade. Ford’s website calls the sport a...
  12. A good look at Navy Pier Interior in the Bronco Sport

    maybe the cgi pics are off on ford’s website, but I couldn’t find seats that matched the video. The outerbanks seats show blue and black leather on the website where as the video shows seats that are blue leather and gray cloth. then the badlands comes with blue and gray cloth seats, but they...
  13. A good look at Navy Pier Interior in the Bronco Sport

    Rear legroom is slightly larger than the big bronco if I remember correctly.
  14. A good look at Navy Pier Interior in the Bronco Sport

    I like the blue and gray. Should look nice on white or silver sports.
  15. 2021 Bronco Sport Order Guide! (Options, Packages, Equipment, Accessories Revealed)

    most people I know turn off all the assist stuff. I like the copilot 360, but I have no need for the assist + package.
  16. Motor Trend - Initial Review

    I don’t know, I’m not a fan of those guys. I think they are overly critical and negative, especially about ford’s. If they’d lighten up a bit, it’d be a better channel. I’ll take Doug demuro, the straight pipes, raitis rides, or Alex on autos any day over savage geese.
  17. Bronco Sport Overlay Comparison to the Ford Maverick Pickup

    good question! You’d have to ask the service tech at the dealership who changes my oil😂😂
  18. Tire Options for Bronco Sport with 1" Lift

    It’s hard to tell the difference due to the angle of the pic, but you’d be able to see it if you saw them in person.
  19. Bronco Sport Overlay Comparison to the Ford Maverick Pickup

    I think he was referencing the 1.5L when he said underpowered. It has 181 hp and 190 torque compared to the 2.0’s 245 and 275. I currently have the 2.0 and it’s a great engine.
  20. Universal Garage Door Opener

    I just wish the 2.0 was optional on all trims. I wasn’t a fan of the 1.5 when I had it on an escape rental.