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  1. whithutch511

    Official AREA 51 Bronco Sport Thread

    Man I really really love that navy blue interior but went with the badlands + badlands for several reasons. I would love to have the option of the navy blue interior
  2. whithutch511

    Cactus Gray Bronco Sport Outer Banks Pics - Exterior and Interior

    Zooming in I believe this is an Outerbanks not a Badlands but great shots regardless!
  3. whithutch511

    Universal Garage Door Opener

    I would like the option if possible. I frequently go between my house, my parents house and my brothers house so I have 3 garage door openers in my car. My mom's Edge has a UGDO and it is super nice to not have all the clutter or confusion of which remote is which.
  4. whithutch511

    Pricing: X Plan & Granger Program

    The reservation is transferable by calling Ford. They allow you to do it one time. I had to move mine as well. Keep in mind though once it gets converted to an order you can not change.
  5. whithutch511

    Granger Ford here to answer your Bronco Sport questions

    I am in the same boat. My understanding based off Albert's response in the accessories form, and from my dealer, is that the cargo management system has to be ordered with the Bronco and be factory installed so it will delay the delivery of everything. My dealer is did not want to make any for...
  6. whithutch511

    We need our own stickers/branding...

    Just came to say I love the direction this is going. I prefer the grey and blue over the grey and orange but if we get this to actual production I will absolutely be buying several.
  7. whithutch511

    2021 Bronco Sport Accessories List (w/ Pricing and Part Numbers)

    Hey @Granger Ford , quick question about getting the cargo management option after the fact. I was speaking with my dealer about the cargo management system delaying the order. I was asking about the ability to order it after I received the car and they said "At this time I don't see that it's...
  8. whithutch511

    Tire Options for Bronco Sport with 1" Lift

    At the Austin store or San Antonio? I plan on visiting the Austin store when the time comes.
  9. whithutch511

    Tire Options for Bronco Sport with 1" Lift

    following closely. I know nothing about tires but do plan on doing the 1" lift. Thanks for all the information in your original post!
  10. whithutch511

    Flat tow a Sport?

    The ebook said that you can not tow flat.
  11. whithutch511

    Bronco Sport - 26 minute video walk-through by The Straight Pipes

    Yeah you have to add the badlands package to get the powered moonroof. I am one that is excited for the moonroof and the B&O speakers that come with the badlands package but I guess if you want something more for off road you could go without and have the extra roof strength.
  12. whithutch511

    2021 Bronco Sport Accessories List (w/ Pricing and Part Numbers)

    I found out that a lot of those parts are available for other vehicles so if you google the part number you can see a picture. Defiantly helped me figure out exactly what I wanted
  13. whithutch511

    Howdy Texas Fam!

    Hello! I am just north of Austin in Leander. I have actually never been off roading but plan on experiencing a trail once I get mine! Do you know of any good beginner trail spots in Texas?
  14. whithutch511

    Order Deposit Amount?

    There is a thread on the Bronco6G forum that has a list of delears that are offering no ADM, X-Plan, any extra incentives that might be a good place to start. Hope this helps.
  15. whithutch511

    Bronco Sport Delivery Date

    Also curious about this. My dealer has had some kind of "system issue" that is preventing them from fully submitting the order. I have not actually been to the dealership since they said they could do it all over email due to COVID but I am starting to worry that they don't have the same urgency...
  16. whithutch511

    Video: Stock 2021 Bronco Sport Badlands vs Lifted Jeep Wrangler Rubicon at Moab

    I have never been off roading before but these videos are making me want to try it when I get my sport!
  17. whithutch511

    Universal Garage Door Opener

    Just curious, has anyone seen anywhere if the Sport will have a universal garage door opener? Defiantly not a game changer for me but would be cool if it was included.
  18. whithutch511

    Granger Ford here to answer your Bronco Sport questions

    Can anyone confirm if X-Plan will be available on the Bronco Sport? Any ideas on how that affects the price?