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  1. dano0726

    Orders in Houston

    Booked mine at Chastang Ford -- ditto for no deposit and being not sure if they keyed the order...
  2. dano0726

    Official CACTUS GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    Wifey picked the color (Cactus Gray) since I'm about 40% color-blind...I just didn't want something dark
  3. dano0726

    To Order the Hitch or Not

    You have got to be kidding me -- I assumed it was an 1.25" opening so I didn't order it...Juuuuuuust Great
  4. dano0726

    Order Deposit Amount?

    No deposit other than the reservation -- also, I'm out if dealer attempts any additional dealer markups/ADMs.... We start the Badlands price negotiations at MSRP, then go from there
  5. dano0726

    A good look at Navy Pier Interior in the Bronco Sport

    I wish I had known about that Class III/2" hitch receiver when I reserved...
  6. dano0726

    Bronco Sport Overlay Comparison to the Ford Maverick Pickup

    Tdubz -- where's the oil filter located on your 2.0 EB?
  7. dano0726

    Badlands Tire Options

    Falken Wildpeaks at3w's right now on my Jeep Wrangler -- best rain tire I've had on the Jeep, living here in Houston...
  8. dano0726

    Would you choose Bronco 4 doors or Bronco sport?

    Agreeing with North7 -- our family had (at one time) a VW Jetta (Wifey) and my Jeep JK Wrangler and then daughter's Honda far, the 2009 Civic had the most issues (mechanically and cosmetically) and daughter traded it in for an SUV
  9. dano0726

    Current 2021 Bronco Sport Lease Residual Values

    Wow -- my Badlands with an MSRP of $34,780, acquired for $32,600 with a $645 lease acquisition fee (registered and plated in TX) leases for $527 monthly for 3 years (with .00125 money factor + no money down + $1,172 due at signing...) That equates to 1.5% monthly (against the MSRP)
  10. dano0726

    Are there any photos of the Area 51 cloth interior?

    Cloth here for Badlands Cactus Gray reservation -- could stand the leather colors (black and dark brown seems to clash even to me...)
  11. dano0726

    Bronco Sport Vs The Competition - Estimated Specs Comparisons

    Slickrock -- my 10-year-old Jeep JK Wrangler has steering wheel controls (audio) that I laugh at thumb can touch the steering wheel volume and my pinkie finger can reach all the way over to the stereo...
  12. dano0726

    Bronco Sport on display at Ford Employee Roundup Event

    Is that a 2" receiver hitch? Looks too big for 1.25" opening....
  13. dano0726

    Wheel and Tire plans?

    Running Wildpeaks at3w’s on my JK Wrangler currently, and these tires are terrific (highly recommend)
  14. dano0726

    Introducing the Bronco Sport Off-Roadeo Adventure Patrol Concept

    This is exceptional!!! Still trying to use my $100 Bronco Sport reservation as Wifey's anniversary gift -- I doubt it'll go over 100%, but I'm such a cheap bastard...
  15. dano0726

    Video: Stock 2021 Bronco Sport Badlands vs Lifted Jeep Wrangler Rubicon at Moab

    As a current Jeep JK owner, I am very impressed with my choice of the Bronco Sport Badlands...need to make certain Wifey doesn't see this video since the B-Sport will be hers, and I'm left with my Jeep until the Bronco Sport Raptor arrives...or the Bronco Sport Maverick truck is released...
  16. dano0726

    Base and Outer Banks models out in the wild

    So the Base is the black one?
  17. dano0726

    2021 Bronco Sport Price List (MSRP/Dealer Invoice Pricing) - All Models, Trims, Packages, Options & Accessories

    That $645 is a lease acquisition fee (added to the capitalized cost...) Almost all manufacturers charge this... You can eliminate the $645 by selecting "FINANCE" within your build
  18. dano0726

    Location of Oil Filter on 2.0L EcoBoost

    Badlands reservation holder here, so I get the 2.0L EB...where's the oil filter on this engine now (assuming no modifications to fit in the Bronco Sport)? Asking since the Ranger's 2.3L EB has the oil filter behind the driver's side inner wheel well...
  19. dano0726

    Badlands and First Edition are "delayed production" models

    I did exactly (ordered; sight unseen) that with my current Jeep JK Wrangler...
  20. dano0726

    Bronco Sport Badlands and Other Trims Spotted On Way to Dealers

    Ummm....send a Badlands Cactus Gray over to my driveway