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  1. Geelloo90042

    Many Bronco Sport Owners Gathered For Big Trail Meetup in SoCal [Photos]

    Appreciate your company. It was a cool weekend
  2. Geelloo90042

    Rally Innovations light bar and skid plate installed on Bronco Sport

    Nice to see your ride up close over the weekend. Definitely a skid plate is an option for me
  3. Geelloo90042

    Moab Offroadeo question

    Nothing against Texas, but Moab is a better destination for me.. I might as well use it or lose it.
  4. Geelloo90042

    Moab Offroadeo question

    I had a email conversation with Offroadeo and they explained to me that Moab Offroadeo is for the bigger Bronco and the Texas Offroadeo is strictly for Bronco Sports owners. Just want to get confirmation of that is true?
  5. Geelloo90042

    Check Back Seat

    I haven't had that issue. Did you turn off in the vehicle settings? I do have mine off, but it alerts when someone in the back takes off the seatbelt when the car is on or in motion.
  6. Geelloo90042

    K&N Air Filter

    Just wondering if anyone that installed the filter. Did you have difficulty putting on the air box enclosure due to increase thickness of the rubber gasket surrounding the filter?
  7. Geelloo90042

    Kinda Obsessed

    You're not alone. We are in this together. I know I'm not the only one to walk out of our house, apartment or work place and just the first sight of the car gives me the feelz🥰.
  8. Geelloo90042

    Yakima cross bars Ford OEM install help

    Just be careful when tightening them, they can strip when over-torqued. It states (I think) 1 foot pound of torque.
  9. Geelloo90042

    UPDATE!!! SAD - My sweet little loaded AREA 51 Badlands R.I.P.

    Sorry for the loss, but glad that you and others were ok and hopefully to recover. Thanks for the lessons learned and 🙏 you can recoup your loss, like a big bend squatch Bronco. (My other dream bronco)
  10. Geelloo90042

    GOAT Modes Terrain Management System Explained

    Just turn the GOAT knob , and keep an eye on the dash in what mode your switching too. In your case I would not freak out if your switching to mud/ ruts or rock crawl while going 75mph. In my experience, I know that rotating 2 clicks to the right will get me in eco, from normal mode, and 3...
  11. Geelloo90042

    Lifted Alto Blue Badlands Bronco Sport Build

    @Nick246 was the adjustable sway links necessary for the lift in combination with the larger tires? I'm leaning towards the same leveling lift kit that you have, due to the fact that it appears to have better quality manufacturing than others. I was not planning to go with tires not bigger than...
  12. Geelloo90042

    Totally off the Topic These 2 writers / reviewers are really off. What Bronco are they talking about? The...
  13. Geelloo90042

    @Outbound Exploration Bronco Sport Build & Trail Pics

    Do you have a link regarding trail meetups?
  14. Geelloo90042

    How to increase my bronco's engine noise?

    Sounds like an after-market Blow off Valve (BOV). Vivid Racing has an item for sale.
  15. Geelloo90042

    Dash board

    I think you might be referring to your right thumb, on the steering wheel, there is a toggle swtich that goes up and down to cycle thru the dashboard display from Calm, Trip 1 and 2 , General fuel economy, Tire PSI, etc..the horizontal lines just show what position you are in , while toggling...
  16. Geelloo90042

    Delay in power delivery

    Yes I would think so. Check with your dealer or Ford pass app for recalls.
  17. Geelloo90042

    Bulldog Canyon AZ. Ursey gate to Blue point

    Over the weekend I visited my dad to celebrate his 86th. The day after I went to this easy trail.
  18. Geelloo90042

    Power “delay” or “hesitation”.

    The first time when new, it felt More like power hesitation. My foot is pressing the gas and it's not really moving, like it's preventing me to go over a certain rpm..but it did let me accelerate at slower rpm. The 2nd time , it too felt like a hesitation, like I was halfway on the gas and it...
  19. Geelloo90042

    Power “delay” or “hesitation”.

    I had a few experiences with this issue. First is when the car was new, cold in the morning, eco ON, and pre-collision assist set to highest setting. Another time is after my break in period, after turning on the car and leaving a driveway , engine was not cold, Normal mode, and not that hot 85-90