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  1. MY22 Window Stickers Only

    I don't have a 2022 window sticker. But I didn't order one. I just hate being told what to do.
  2. NOW AVAILABLE: Stage Series Flush Mount Reverse Light Kit! | Diode Dynamics

    Nothing "universal" ever is.
  3. Almost Done with upgrades - 2021 Bronco Sport Big Bend - Kodiak Brown

    Sweet ride! Great complementing accessories.
  4. Where to run the harness for the Rough Country roof light bar.

    I used the KC Wire Hiding Kit. It runs right along the A-Pillar and it disappears when the beveled edge is put against the window frame. No drilling and no forcing the window gasket or molding.
  5. 6 Switch Auxbeam Switchbox installed !

    I might have misunderstood what you were after. Sorry!
  6. 6 Switch Auxbeam Switchbox installed !

    The actual controller box in the car is flat and come with either two sided tape or a mounting plate that can be angled. It has one wire coming out the back but is channeled so the controller sits flat.
  7. 6 Switch Auxbeam Switchbox installed !

    The back has two small retainer clips on it and two mounting points. I mounted mine flat against the plastic fascia with the bottom on the top of the shock mount cover. I put a rubber pad on the bottom of the switch box to lessen vibration. It's pretty much just a rectangular box. The power...
  8. 6 Switch Auxbeam Switchbox installed !

    A couple photos of the 6 Switch Auxbeam swithbox. Cleaned things up in a hurry! I recommend!
  9. Will steelies wheels from Ford Escape fit?

    2021 Big Bend - I want to put my winter tires on more classic looking, and cheaper, steelies. As best as my research can tell, the rim size for the Big Bend is 17 x 5 x 108. This is the same size as the Ford Escape, so my obvious, and probably stupid question is - am I safe to buy cheap...
  10. Auxbeam 6 gang switch panel - where to hook up the base unit ACC connection?

    F$#& it. I'm going to try to tap power off the instrument power. It's only to power the back lighting of the Auxbeam switch panel so it can't draw that much.
  11. Auxbeam 6 gang switch panel - where to hook up the base unit ACC connection?

    So I read the PDF on the bar light install (thank you!) and saw it was tapped into the instrument panel lighting - something I don't want to mess with. I pulled the cover off the engine bay fuse box and removed one of the two connectors - what an engineering nightmare!! Nothing accessable or...
  12. Auxbeam 6 gang switch panel - where to hook up the base unit ACC connection?

    Help. I got the Auxbeam 6 gang switch panel and it looks fairly simple to install. For those who have installed it or a similar product - where did you hook up the base unit ACC connection? I'm assuming it would be most appropriate to go to a switched source, but where? Thank you for any...
  13. Transmission issues

    It's the State Trooper trying to PIT you.
  14. Switch controller install

    The best prices and selection for the auxbeam switch box was on Amazon
  15. Switch controller install

    Perfect. Looks really clean. Time to order! Thanks for the info. Be safe
  16. Switch controller install

    Did you go through the grommet behind the battery?
  17. Switch controller install

    I've been waiting to see this installed. It really looks like it cleans up the engine compartment nicely. Was it pretty easy to install?