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  1. Dealer Getting A Slew of 2022 Dealer Stock BSs!

    Yeah local dealership in Palm Springs said they have every trim level in stock with multiple colors. I was kinda surprised
  2. Ford Recalling Bronco Sports and Escapes Due to Defective Rear Brake Pads

    I suppose I was being ignorant lol I have 3 kids and I work so much I don’t really have the time to pull the car all apart and do brake pads.
  3. Ford Recalling Bronco Sports and Escapes Due to Defective Rear Brake Pads

    I have 12,000 miles and have had zero issues aside from the whining while in reverse. Ford can fix their mess up, to each their own.
  4. Ford Recalling Bronco Sports and Escapes Due to Defective Rear Brake Pads

    curious how buying pads and investing time or money into a recall repair is more cost effective than having ford fix it for free?
  5. Ford back 2 work?

    I get the frustration but are you that out of touch with reality?? There’s a global shortage of products across the board, quit kicking and screaming you can’t get your bronco. You aren’t the only one waiting …
  6. REVIEW, 5.5k miles Big Bend

    Good review I agree with a lot of you what you said. Ford has some tweaks to the next model year that they make a few changes to, but for now this is a great overall vehicle. The main gripe would be the cheap plastics in the interior, I have 3 kids and they have completely destroyed the right...
  7. Picked up my BS Badlands this evening

    I’m going to go cry in my big bend.
  8. Oil pressure switch

    Every car, motorcycle, truck, etc. company on the face of the earth has things like this happen. Pretty minor and sounds like Ford took care of it, as they have done for mostly every little issue I’ve ran into. if you’re having doubts go sell it, Carvana is selling used big bends for 37K. Go...
  9. Bronco Sport Sema

    How long until we can get an aftermarket bumper? Lol the cheap plastic on the back is starting to bother me.
  10. 2” kit Woolworth (fordrangerslifts) installed

    Looks awesome, aside from that nasty Texas Rangers license plate. 🤮 what is the ride like, so far? Kinda rough?
  11. Type of fuel used on BS ?

    I was using 91 during the summer. I was noticing a huge delay in power delivery to the point I brought it to the dealership. Now that the weather is cooler, I’ve been running 87 without issue.
  12. Brake Squeal (in Reverse)

    Yeah ford told me the brakes look fine and they can’t do anything for it. It continues to happen… Also, Brakes had been squeaking under moderate pressure, like I needed new pads after 10,000 miles. They stopped after maybe 1,000 miles of doing that.
  13. Vibration on 1500rm 10mph BS BB 1.5

    Did they give you an update? I’m experiencing the same thing
  14. Paint chips

    Um, how is this relevant to the paint chips many owners have experienced? Lol
  15. Farewell Do people still buy cars without researching? Lol
  16. Resale values

    There is a 0% chance they have it at listed price lol a lot of dealerships are posting MSRP online and waiting to get you in the door before you look at the sticker and notice $15k market adjustment, and another $10k in dealer added accessories. I told a couple Kia dealerships that if they...
  17. Big Brother and Little Brother

    Poor craftsmanship. The hard tops look great, especially with 2 doors as you mentioned. I’m going to start selling my kids off 1 by 1 until a 2 door bronco makes sense for my family size lol
  18. Big Brother and Little Brother

    FORD did an atrocious job fitting the soft tops snug.
  19. If I was redoing the GOAT modes

    I believe there’s a lot of things they can rethink on this car and the stupid goat modes is the least of their worries lol fix this cheap, easy to scratch interior, and fix the easy chipping paint. or the flimsy hood that sometimes feels like it’s going to come loose on the freeway. It’s a...
  20. Off roading upgrade suggestions

    Lol at the “sell you car and get a badlands” what kind of awesome fantasy world are these people living in? Money grows on trees, I guess.