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  1. ⏱ 2022 Bronco Sport Scheduling Upcoming Week (11/15) For 4 Build Weeks in January!

    I got the same email. Was scheduled for the 29th and got pushed to the week of 12/6. Hoping delivery around Christmas.
  2. Production Week Slide

    Yeah, received the same email here. Hoping to have it by Christmas. The wife will be happy with her Christmas gift!!
  3. Bronco Sport Order Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Submitted Info!! Have Build date for week of 11/22
  4. Waiting room

    So I ordered a new 22 Badlands back when the 22 order banks opened back on 9/8. My dealer put in the order and I received an Email on 9/8 from Ford stating that the order was in and confirmed. Fast forward to 9/29 and my dealer said the vehicle was scheduled to be built on 11/22. Strange though...