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  1. DrunkingtonBear

    15,000 miles First Edition Bronco Sport - review, pics, video

    How are things with the RTT? I assume the FE comes with the sunroof and I have a BL/BL. I’m concerned about the weight restrictions for the roof but I would love to slide my RTT up there. About how much weight do you have up too and how has it been carrying that around up there?
  2. DrunkingtonBear

    Outer Banks first road trip thoughts

    I guess I just dog mine too hard or pulling up the appalachians is too much strain to keep the MPGs up. I’ll have to play around with it and get used to the throttle. I only have about 1300 miles on mine as of right now. Absolute joy to drive though. I’m finding myself making excuses to drive it...
  3. DrunkingtonBear

    Outer Banks first road trip thoughts

    I have the badlands so take that with a grain of salt for comparison and I live in a pretty mountainous area but on my 600 mile road trip I averaged 25.2 MPGs cruising in eco mode. I do not however have the 360 assist optioned and as such do not have the adaptive cruise control which could lead...
  4. DrunkingtonBear

    North Carolina Broncos

    Scooped this at Ken Wilson Ford in NC a couple weeks ago (450 miles on her now) when someone backed out of their order. BL+BL. We’re really happy with it. Looking to get into some weekendlanding in the SC upstate or Western NC if anyone has any suggestions.
  5. DrunkingtonBear

    Over landing trails near us!

    Thanks man. Didn’t realize this was in a regional. Just saw it on my front page listing. Sorry to intrude! Go get that Bronco dirty.
  6. DrunkingtonBear

    Over landing trails near us!

    I can’t help you out (and I’m sorry for that) as I’ve never been to Chicagoland but I am going to hijack some traffic on your thread as have a similar request for the Carolinas. Transplanted here a year ago and still haven’t found the inside scoop on Minor and mild off road trails/overland...